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  1. IAK

    1 yr compare

    Wowzer! You have lost a whole person! Looking good
  2. 3 little cuties, my 2 grandsons and callie
  3. IAK


    Look at this silly puppy!
  4. OMG Monica...me either LOL well gotta have my morning coffee too
  5. Prayers are being said for you by me Suzy..Hope you are feeling better real soon...Left a message on your caringbridge site also....
  6. Didn't do it in my Arthur but did it in the Orchid here. I think it looks better this way. You could always "adjust" the opening for the reversal of the stairs
  7. IAK


    I was thinking the same thing! Hopefully he will let us know today. Hope everything went smoothly Marg!
  8. So Grand! I see you're building it in the basement, hope you planned a route out when it's finished :o
  9. This is a familiar scene....My little pup continues to chew up her favorite toys and I just keep on repairing them...hmmmm what's wrong with this picture
  10. IAK

    View of Flowers

    Wendy...I'm just blown away by your work! Beautiful just beautiful. More flowers for you
  11. If you go into chit chat there is a pinned topic about Thumpers visit last year, check it out so many cute pictures I loved having her so much fun! Here's one of the pictures from her visit with me.
  12. Standing ovation to the judges. Great job and congrats to the lucky winners. Everybody who entered is a winner in my book
  13. I have one too, :wub: I love it http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/uploads/gallery_663_1398_32822.jpg
  14. IAK

    tammy outside2.JPG

    Your dolls are beautiful Susanne...
  15. Happy Mini Anniversary Ed!
  16. I used the leather straps from an old purse to make hinges for the door of the spring fling. Glue them tightly behind the trim. Works like a charm.
  17. Thanks everybody for your thoughts and prayers! Dan did GREAT. The proceedure only took a little over an hour. The waiting before and then after was much longer but he came home last night. Haha when he woke up from the anethesia the first thing he said was "I'm starving!" Typical teenager. Anyway besides walking like an old man for a few days he'll be fine. However he'll probably be facing more surgery this summer... :lol:
  18. Great pic Holly! Nice to see a different one
  19. My nephew DAN who is a member here on GL is undergoing some surgery tomorrow. He is having his pacemaker replaced. Not such a serious operation but they are putting him under general anestisia. I'll be going into Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC with my sister to keep her company. He should be coming home the same day if there are no complications. Just thought the extra prayers couldn't hurt. Thanks!
  20. Ellen, hang in there kiddo...the sun always comes up tomorrow! Keep busy and try not to think too much! Will be pulling for yaz.
  21. What great pictures of your grandmas! They all look wonderful and so much younger then their years. Cathy, what a nice picture of 4 generations! That's a keeper.
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