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    Hey she looks the woman in the picture on the wall behind her...Very nice picture
  2. IAK

    Whatcha Watchin'?

    Ahhh my very favorite Christmas movie, the original of course with Natalie Wood. Also just love Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation. I never stop laughing at that one.
  3. IAK


    Good to hear from you Lynette...you are an INSPIRATION!
  4. Oh what a beautiful baby....enjoy her!
  5. IAK

    Tile Backsplash

    I had to really look twice at this....looks soooo real! Good job.
  6. Working today then leaving for California tomorrow morning. Coming home on Monday
  7. I work in Ridgewood, you are only about 15 minutes from me I live next to Wyckoff
  8. Aww Mary ann...I hope we can get together sooner being we live so close...I have a few trips planned in the next few weeks but maybe we can get together. You can come over an check out my dh's I'll be in touch
  9. Me too maryann...I was 40 allllloooonnnggg time ago. Hope I'm not the oldest one....
  10. GREAT! the more the Merrier :laughbounce: By the way how old is mom....she may be close to my age
  11. Oh boy this is gonna be fun! :lol:
  12. Would really love that....but the next 6 weeks are really tough and then the Holidays sheez....How bout after the New Year that would be a great time to figure something out...always kinda blah that time of year.
  13. I've been wanting to go every year for the last 3...always real life things get in the way...You see my birthday always falls around that weekend and this year I'm gonna be away...on a cruise (don't feel sorry for me ) maybe next year guys huh?
  14. Hmm that looks like Thelma the bear's relative in that bottom picture :lol: Great stuff by the way!
  15. Looks like a great time had by all. Love looking at mini get together pictures.
  16. IAK

    5 Generations

    How wonderful is that? 5 Generations!
  17. I have my two little grandsons with me this weekend. We went out before and I got them pumpkins then went to the dollar tree and they picked out a slew of stuff for halloween...their favorite holiday! We came home and decorated the outside of my house. We're (hubby and I) are having a ball! My daughter is picking them up tomorrow... Then back to boreing house here.... Here's a picture of em.... now ya see why I love being with em....so yummy you could just eat em up!
  18. I'm around...I live in Hawthorne..
  19. :monkeydance: Welcome to our mini family
  20. :monkeydance: Welcome to our mini family
  21. IAK

    m,y signiture 060.jpg

    Great picture, looks so real!
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