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  1. IAK


    From the album: Laural with some bashing

    I decided to use these stairs I had kicking around instead of using the kit ones. Also swaped the second floor landing
  2. IAK

    Left side with paint

    From the album: Laural with some bashing

    Added a skylight
  3. From the album: Laural with some bashing

    I eliminated the side door
  4. IAK

    second floor

    Thanks for the "praise"
  5. IAK

    Garfield Complete

    LOL...haven't been on Greenleaf in so long just saw this comment...
  6. IAK

    Garfield Complete

    Been along time since I've been on this site...Just saw your nice comment, thank you so much
  7. Thanks you so much...I haven't been on this site in such a long time. Starting to get the bug with my dollhouses again
  8. IAK

    Garfield side

    Amazing...just amazing!
  9. IAK

    Steps down to side garden

    Love this...what a great idea
  10. Looks great! Love it, can't wait to see more..I'll be watchin :groucho:
  11. LOL just like me couldn't wait to see how the furniture looked
  12. Thanks for mentioning me... :wub: I'm blushing...the fireplace looks fabo!
  13. Love it...you have really outdone yourself with this beauty. Going back to look again. Love the basement idea and the total bash...very nice
  14. IAK

    xmas tree lights

    Haven't been on the site in a while and stumbled across your beacon...OMG! I am speachless...going to go look at more...Love this picture!
  15. IAK


    So real looking! Wow
  16. IAK

    Nap time!

    Awww...what a sweet dog...you know how much I love springers Deana
  17. I replaced the stairs in my Orchid also
  18. IAK

    Little White Wedding Chapel

    I made them...copied some pictures from the internet and traced and painted them onto clear plastic covers
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