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  1. So I just put the last piece of siding on the B & B. Hopefully tomorrow I can paint her A couple more shots in my gallery so you can see them Bec
  2. Me too Susanne...he never says anything about my dh hobby..He knows that I am enjoying what I want to do. When I get deliveries, he just puts them in my craft room...Doesn't even ask what's inside.
  3. Lookie what was "sleeping" at the foot of my deck steps last week. I think the momma bunny must have sent junior packing. So sweet, we kept walking up and down the stairs and it didn't even move. I was scared it was sick or something but sure enough a few hours later it was gone.
  4. Here's the tut on making bricks Bricks I used these instructions to make bricks and stones for my BH chimney Here Hope this helps
  5. IAK

    Porch with Posts

    Like I told you before Bec...you ROCK
  6. Got mine today...Thanks so much...really cute stuff! :lol:
  7. IAK

    Summer boredom

    Well I guess you can say DH and I are semi retired and yes life is good for sure. It seems like I'm busier now more than ever! With him around more we keep busy. Sometimes I look forward to a day when he has work so I can work on my dh's!
  8. Oh dear Heidi...TIA's are nothing to take lightly but it seems like your Dr. is going to get to the bottom of this. I'm thinking and praying for you! Don't worry you'll be okay. Now to get off those ciggies!
  9. IAK

    Summer boredom

    No bordom here...not enough hours in the day...days in the week you know the rest!
  10. :queen: :yes: WENDY...Have a wonderful day! Hope you do something fun!
  11. Well actually I was looking for this one so I guess we're even huh? Attic Here's a graveyard: Graveyard Find a Hat shop
  12. IAK

    My poor dog

    Sorry...I know how you feel
  13. Is this what you're looking for? Nice Bed Where's that unfinished attic with a ladder and spackled walls?
  14. IAK

    Crazy weekend

    Glad your DH is feeling better. Hope things continue to improve!
  15. Okay found it...it's not exactly red but it is a couch with a guitar on it here it is No let's get this game started again...find a bed with pink bedding
  16. Hi Dean We had a bear roaming around our neighborhood a week or so ago..Really put a damper on my morning walks, was a little nervious to say the least! Luckily I didn't run into old Yogi! I don't know what's going on but yesterday a saw a deer crossing the road down from my house and I don't live in a rural area! In fact my road is a bit busy. Seems the animals are a little confused.
  17. Yep I got mine in Friday :yikes: I ordered one of those surprise bags and received a cute fancy wood crib with matching dresser and mirror. Also got 2 resin figures and a fan/light for my BH conservatory. Love getting packages too :whistle:
  18. Jen...Hope you had a Happy Day! :whistle: you're presents in the mail :yikes:
  19. :whistle: I don't know what to say :yikes: You hardly missed anything. How did you get everything to match so well? I'm blown away!
  20. What wonderful news! Congratulations :music_band: Hope you won't have to do the bedrest thing...that's definately not so fun.
  21. Have fun Mel! (and Darrell) Say hi to Mickey for us..We'll miss ya
  22. Okay get to work...waiting for pictures even though you don't share
  23. WELCOME HOME NUTTI! Glad your home!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. There are a few places in the Garf that need to be wallpapered, trimmed etc before you assemble the walls. There are ways to run tape wire before assembly. Like somebody here suggested, place in dry fit first and make a note of where you might want to put the electric. The directions are not always the right way to do things. The best thing is to read them through and then decide what will work for your plan.
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