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  1. I had forgotten someone remade "Miracle on 34th Street"; they should have left well enough alone!

    Ahhh my very favorite Christmas movie, the original of course with Natalie Wood. Also just love Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation. I never stop laughing at that one.

  2. I have my two little grandsons with me this weekend. We went out before and I got them pumpkins then went to the dollar tree and they picked out a slew of stuff for halloween...their favorite holiday! We came home and decorated the outside of my house. We're (hubby and I) are having a ball! My daughter is picking them up tomorrow... :blink: Then back to boreing house here....

    Here's a picture of em....


    now ya see why I love being with em....so yummy you could just eat em up!

  3. Irene-

    You and I will be getting together to do some of these great projects!! :) Summertime will be hectic, but when the cold weather comes back ... as it always does, we can set "play-dates" and make lots of goodies from all these great links! :blink:

    That would be fun! By fall maybe my Garfield will be almost done

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