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  1. IAK
    Finishing up the last room on the 3rd Floor. I figure this will be like the "honeymoon suite" Installed the floor (which it the same floor I used in the living room)

    and figuring out the fireplace in this room. Want to make it somewhat of a cozy and romantic setting. That is memory paper on the inside and outside of the fireplace. Was going to do the eggcrates again but think this looks pretty good.

    I'll be putting a mantel on and some trim around it. Still figuring it out.

    Worked on the Beacon all day today. Here is the finished fireplace. Looks nice I think

    So today is Weds. 11/7/07 and I have just finished up on the trim in the last room of the house.

  2. IAK
    Been chuggin away at the interior of the B&B. The owners have really been buggin to get it done by the holidays and they are taking reservations already. Plus I picked up this awesome table to display it on. So far the bathroom is done and as you can see i cut slits into the tile and added spackle to give the floor a ceramic tile look.

    and the third floor hallway, I added a skylight here

    Then I moved on to the living room. The floor in here is a peel and stick tile and the french doors lead into the conservartory

    I am currently working on the second floor bedroom. I should be done with it soon.

    Okay I installed the carpet last night in the second floor bedroom....

    furniture should be arriving soon

    After this room it's back up to the third floor to work on the 2nd bedroom there. That room is going to have a stone fireplace so back to the eggcrates.
  3. IAK
    I found this really neat placemat at the dollar store...I figured it would make great bamboo blinds for the beacon kitchen...

    Lookie here:

    as you can see the kitchen is almost done
  4. IAK
    The house is starting to look somewhat like a house.

    I figure next I have to start priming the interior walls and ceilings. I'm not going to prime the floors because I may stain them or add wood floors with skinny sticks or coffee stirrer sticks. I have both we'll see. I have time because that won't happen until after I add the tapewire. Here is is all primed

    I also stained what will be the front porch area

    That's where I am to date. Just have to wait for the glue to dry before I continue on....I hate waiting for glue
  5. IAK
    Wow it's been awhile since I added anything here . So I've been mostly working on the outside and that is just about almost complete except for the foundation and a few little detail here and there.

    I've stained glassed all the window inserts and started installing them. Which I will be doing as I finish each room.

    Here's the front door:

    I used one of the inserts that was supposed to be for the french window on the second floor but thanks to my new dremel I was able to cut the opening and install a houseworks door to match the one I added to the side of the house.

    and the finished 2nd floor hallway

    So now I'm just finishing up the kitchen. I painted the wainscote that I installed a few months ago

    I'm going to finish up the molding in this room today, crown and trim on top of the paneling.

    Here's a picture of the 3 windows in the kitchen.

    and the outside of the front kitchen window

    so there ya have it...next I think will be the bathroom...
  6. IAK
    I am finally able to post some pictures of my progress. (wasn't able to get on this computer) The stairs are almost done, except for the railings on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

    I made a runner from some ribbon I picked up a while ago. I thought I would look good with the decor I am thinking of

    I made sure that I put the wallpaper up before installing the stairs and I also made some wood panels for the walls to match the stairs. The door will be stained to match.

    These stairs were a tight fit but I managed to get them in without damaging anything.

    The second floor stairs are not installed yet because I need to do the wallpaper first. I also realized that I needed to run my tape wire first also

    I also cut the opening for the french doors to lead out to the padio roof over the kitchen extention.

    Next I will be putting the brads in and then wallpapering the wall by the stairs then I can install the rest of the railings.

    I have so many ideas for this house and really love it. It has so many possibilities.

    Stay tuned......

  7. IAK
    So I finally started building the Beacon Hill which I won in the October Madness Contest. It took me awhile to get myself started but like always with me once I start I CAN'T STOP! So today is the day. I decided that I wanted to make the kitchen somewhat bigger so a added about 5 inches out the side. I reinforced the floor on the bottom and make a small channel for the wall that would go on later

    This is how it looked from the top

    I cut some pieces for the new sides and glued them onto the foundation. The window that was supposed to be on the side will just be bumped out 5"

    The top of the kitchen will be a walk out roof. I cut a doorway from the room above and will be putting a Houseworks French door there.

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