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  1. “ Dollhouse Lighting, Electrification in Miniature” by Barbara Warner is a very good one. She shows how to do both tape wire and round wire. The book was published on 1986 and is out of print now. However I still see it for sale. When I built my first dollhouse I knew nothing about building one. I chose the tape wire system and it has worked beautifully- everything still works after 25 years. I owe it to this book because I did it all by myself.
  2. I have the same problem. My plan is to erect a false wall a short distance away from the window on the inside. I will wallpaper the new wall facing the window and put a very narrow table or bench and hang a picture and perhaps a lighted candle on the table. On the window itself my plan is to hang draperies with a deep swag so the space between the panels is narrow. That way I’ll have a nice blank wall in the room, more space for furniture placement. It’s all working in a trial fit.
  3. Not sure about spraying wallpaper after it is hung. In Barbara Warner’s book, “The ABC’s of Dollhouse Finishing” she advises using a clear spray matte acrylic. She suggests spraying front and back with several coats. I have followed her advice on all my wallpaper. I use Krylon. It is completely invisible and doesn’t change the wallpaper’s appearance. One of my dollhouses is over twenty years old and the wallpaper looks brand new. Whether this would solve your problem I don’t know.
  4. Thanks for all your input. I am planning to run electrical wires for candles down table legs or furniture sides and wondered whether to have the tape connections be under the flooring or a ceiling medallion below. Thinking medallions might be the way to go. Ideas anyone?
  5. Thanks. That makes sense in real life houses but what about in dollhouses.?
  6. I am wondering about ceiling medallions. What purpose do they serve, other than being decorative?
  7. genemini

    electrical (11)L.jpg

    Love this build. You have done a superb job with it, masterful. I have come back to it so many times because it is good. I spot something new each time. I am starting to build the Willow and I want to make it a colonial. That means no electricity, just candle light. How did you attach the candle on the counter to the electrical system? I was thinking I would need to drill holes in any furniture that I am decorating with candles. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. Thank you so much. That makes sense. I like the idea of using a small paint brush for glue. I use a syringe or a toothpick for gluing but neither of these seemed to be right for this application. What a dickens squaring the first floor and partition to the front wall. With the help of heavy books, stone bookends and lots of tape it is drying as I write this. Your quick reply to my question sure helped me get that done tonight. Thanks again.
  9. Your Willow is really great. I have a question. I just started the Willow I am at the stage of gluing the first floor to the front, that’s going fine but the instructions say not to glue the partition to the front wall yet. In reading ahead I never see where the instructions call for gluing the first and second floors partitions to the front wall. Why shouldn’t you glue the partitions to the front when you glue the floors in? Seems like it would be hard to get such a small bead of glue on the partition edge without making a mess. What did you do? Thanks
  10. i have made many of the HOM kits. Most of them just mention using their finishing kit, which contain a glaze. However on two of my kits, the Chippendale Drawer Chest #40011 and the Side Chair #40007 they suggest an alternate glaze. VAN DYCK BROWN is the color they recommend. I purchased mine from Rockler. Believe me it makes all the difference. I have used Mini Wax Red Mahogany stain and it turns out beautiful - not at all red. My kits have all been purchased on ebay. The dates on the instructions for these two are both 1978 so I suspect they were some of the first ones produced. None of the later kits include this information in their finishing instructions. I do also use Mini Wax wood conditioner before I apply the stain. This is the sequence that I use: First sand with 220, 320 sand paper, then a brown sack. Wipe with a tack cloth. Apply Wood conditioner, wipe off after 5 minutes. Within 2 hours apply stain, leave on 10 min., wipe off. Sand 220, 320, then brown sack. wait 4 to 6 hours then repeat with the stain, leave on for 5-10 min. wipe off. Wait overnight then rub with brown sack. Now apply 1 coat of Delft Satin Clear Wood finish, wait 2 hrs. Lightly go over surface with Grade 000 steel wool until smooth to the touch. Wipe with tack cloth. Now apply 1 coat of VanDyke Brown Glaze Effects with a foam brush- wipe off with clean cloth. Wait 24 hours then wipe with a clean cloth thoroughly and briskly until you like it. Now apply Delft Satin Clear Wood Finish two or more coats, lightly buffing between coats with Grade 000 steel wool. It is very important to make sure all the steel wool dust is removed between coats. I know this seems like a lot of trouble but it is well worth your time if you want a beautiful piece.
  11. I am just starting to build the Willow. Have done the dry fit and have decided to use Housework windows instead of the kit ones. I know that I will need to enlarge the openings but I have a question about the position. Should I use the lower level of the cutout in the kit for my lower level on the window or should I make the cutout evenly bigger all around? That would make the window be lower on the outside and I am wondering if that would make them too close to the foundation. Any help would be most appreciated.
  12. genemini


    Your baskets are truly beautiful, the best I've seen. Do you sell them?
  13. Your flowers are superb! How do you make them look so real? Also, your leaves are wonderful. Do you have a book that you refer to?
  14. Maybe things have changed. I've had my Easy Cutter for at least 8 years and it cuts great. Matter of fact I just finished shingling the Glencroft with it. If you are familiar with that model you know how many angles the roof has. I was able to make very precise cuts for all those angles. I do not know where mine was purchased as it was a gift. If I were you I would send yours back for a replacement or refund.
  15. I cover my table, a standard folding banquet table from Home Depot, with freezer paper. I cover it completely including around all edges. Then in the center where I do most of my painting, staining, and gluing, etc. I cover a section with Glad's Presn'Seal. It sticks without tape. I change that section whenever I start a new color or a new step in my project. If it gets too messy I change it at any time. It is very easy and keeps my work space relatively neat and tidy. As far as the freezer paper covering, when I start a new house I completely replace it. This works for me.
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