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  1. genemini


    Your baskets are truly beautiful, the best I've seen. Do you sell them?
  2. genemini

    Foxglove forest :)

    Your flowers are superb! How do you make them look so real? Also, your leaves are wonderful. Do you have a book that you refer to?
  3. Maybe things have changed. I've had my Easy Cutter for at least 8 years and it cuts great. Matter of fact I just finished shingling the Glencroft with it. If you are familiar with that model you know how many angles the roof has. I was able to make very precise cuts for all those angles. I do not know where mine was purchased as it was a gift. If I were you I would send yours back for a replacement or refund.
  4. I cover my table, a standard folding banquet table from Home Depot, with freezer paper. I cover it completely including around all edges. Then in the center where I do most of my painting, staining, and gluing, etc. I cover a section with Glad's Presn'Seal. It sticks without tape. I change that section whenever I start a new color or a new step in my project. If it gets too messy I change it at any time. It is very easy and keeps my work space relatively neat and tidy. As far as the freezer paper covering, when I start a new house I completely replace it. This works for me.
  5. genemini

    Full Bathroom

    Love your work. I do have a question. How did you kitbash the toilet from the Chyrsnbon bathroom kit to make a more contemporary toilet? I like the pieces in the kit but the toilet style is not really right for my 1930's Glencroft.
  6. Has anyone used Earth and Tree's square cut shingles? I am making the Glencroft. I am almost finished except for shingling the roof. The shingles that come with the kit seem so flimsy that I hesitate to use them. I have shingled another dollhouse (Cambridge by Duracraft) which had wonderful shingles. They have been on the house for about eight years and still look great. If you have used the Glencroft shingles did you separate them or use the strips? Thanks
  7. Looks just like the real thing. Love Sees candy.
  8. genemini

    whole back

    Just spotted your house. I love how you painted the furniture. This is a "shabby chic" that I like - not so shabby.
  9. Really nice! It's really lovely.
  10. The Cambridge was the first dollhouse that I built. Having no experience or skills to take that on I followed the directions with the kit exactly. I guess I was too dumb to think they wouldn't work so they did. I do have a suggestion for the inside window trim on the Mansard part of the roof. I held the pieces over a tea kettle to let the steam work on them . Them I quickly glued them in, clamping them very tight. My house is over ten years old and they are still perfectly in place.
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