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  1. That's a very inspiring point you have this truly is a passion, a d not just a hobby from what I am learning.
  2. Wow..... you all are officially my heroes! Yay! So many fun new fixes I would have NEVER thought of! Orchid may turn out after all ;) thank you all so so much!
  3. j3ssicalaur3n


    Wow! SO colorful! I love it! It reminds me of some of the Victorian's in the small town my grandmother lives in.
  4. This is my first build, and I have learned SO many things I'd do differently. Nearly everything, actually lol. But here she's is.. work in progress :)
  5. j3ssicalaur3n

    Front porch

    Such a beautiful house I'd certainly live there.
  6. j3ssicalaur3n

    Tudor Cottage

    Beautiful! I love the little stepping stones out front as well
  7. Well, I've got my Orchid on her feet & standing freely...but I'm hoping to find some help on issues I have created. 1. I quickly learned the importance of painting certain pieces BEFORE assembly, but since it's too late... I painted my windows. Like the whole window. Including the "glass". Oy. So then I took a craft knife and sliced them out... Any ideas on what to put in the windows now, or how? 2. Somehow (and by somehow, I mean user error. ..) I managed to make my floors bow in the middle. Any ideas on how to disguise this, so that it might not be so obvious? 3. Shi
  8. Selkie & Kathie - I am leaning towards a "Shabby Chic" type theme since it will be an easy one to work with the "flaws" and mishaps I've created thus far. I've started painting her a baby pink, but I haven't started the inside yet.
  9. Selkie - it was far more exciting to jump right in! lol KariW - thank you, lol, good to know I'm not the only one ;)
  10. Thank you, Holly and Kathie! I'll be checking that out I love seeing how creatively people transform their kits. Kirsten... oh how I wish I'd painted pieces first! I got SO excited that I dove into construction. Now I'm struggling to maneuver around things. Certainly Will be doing that differently on the next one.
  11. Holly, those sound very tempting then! I'm still trying to figure what team builds are though?
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! I've learned so much for my next build just by reading all of your posts! Wish I'd found this before starting my Orchid, lol, but it's been a learning experience nonetheless! And you're all right.... there are some amazing miniature exhibits to be discovered in Germany ;)
  13. Thanks! I still deciding on my next build. I keep liking the coventry cottage, and maybe the buttercup.id like to save money on the house, and splurge on some fun things like trim, molding, siding... but I can't make up my mind! I will certainly share pictures once I can get my tablet to cooperate. Lol
  14. Well, technically I'm from MD, VA, CO and currently in TN... although moving to Germany at the end of the year. Lol.... my husband is in the military if that's not obvious now. I am 25, no children, 911 Dispatcher, and newbie to miniatures! I just finished assembling the Orchid, and look forward to learning lots!
  15. So, there I was... perusing Pinterest... when I somehow got sucked into looking at some amazing dollhouses. Shortly after, I found myself in Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon ready on my cell as I made my decision on a dollhouse. The Orchid. Now, I don't know about y'all, but I am a COMPLETE beginner.... and was shocked by how many pieces were included. So, I started, got addicted, and 2 days later the "dollhouse disaster" as I've been calling it is now standing. And I have learned so many things I'd do differently next time! So, this is my practice house Can't wait to start another once thi
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