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  1. Goshengirl


    I am building my very first dollhouse! My intention is to build it to look like a house from the Tudor era, which is one of my favorite periods of history to read about. We'll see how well I do!
  2. Goshengirl

    Day 9

    Thanks! I used a walnut stain, then a semi-gloss polyurethane finish.
  3. Oh my goodness, this was my first dollhouse! I got it for Christmas in 1979 or 80, and I loved it! I remember the avocado green bathroom and the harvest gold kitchen, and the state of the art stereo set for the living room. I had all the furniture and dolls as well, including the dog. Do you remember a hutch that came with plug in lamps that lit up? My brother and I also used to play with Star Wars people in that house. It satisfied my dollhouse itch for a while, until I got a 'real' dollhouse in 1985 - the Tennyson that I just finished rehabbing. And now that that is finished, I started building my first kit from scratch and am having a lot of fun.
  4. Hi Rebecca, I just finished rehabbing my childhood dollhouse, which had not really been damaged over the years just neglected, but still needed a lot of work. It was definitely a labor of love, it's wonderful to resurrect a beloved dollhouse and all its memories! I used wood flooring sheets from Houseworks for my house, which are thin strips of wood veneer attached to paper and I loved how they turned out. I polyurethaned the sheets, used paper to make templates of my floors, and then cut the sheets out and taped them in with strong double-sided tape. You can find them in the flooring section at miniatures.com and they come in several different types of wood. Good luck! I was also brand new to the world of miniatures when I took on this project, but have been thoroughly sucked in and just started my first dollhouse kit from scratch :-)
  5. Goshengirl

    Childhood Tennyson

    I was given this dollhouse for Christmas, 1985 when I was 12. My dad and sister put it together for me, and my mom made the curtains and wallpapered the rooms. Recently I rescued it from their garage and I have had a lot of fun renovating it!
  6. No, it used to be but not anymore. I decided not to tackle rewiring the house for lights at this time. I might get some battery powered lights.
  7. Thank you! This house does mean a great deal to me, and I'm glad I'm able to improve it while still maintaining it as the dollhouse I loved as a kid. It's turned into a really fun hobby.
  8. Goshengirl

    Bed detail

    Thank you! My grandmother is gone now so I'm really glad I still have this quilt that she made for me, and she also gave me the handkerchief.
  9. Goshengirl

    Bed detail

    Haha, right? I have already been thinking, if I decided to buy a dollhouse to build from scratch, which one would I want...
  10. Goshengirl

    Furniture Kit

    Thank you, and this kit is not easy! I'm working on the dresser now and it's more challenging than the bed...I actually can't believe that I put it together without help when I was 13.
  11. Goshengirl

    Parlor Floor

    Thank you! It comes in thin hardwood sheets, not iron on or adhesive. I used separate double sided adhesive sheets to attach it.
  12. No, I decided not to put in new wiring because of expense. I will probably add a couple battery powered lights later.
  13. Reading the topic about the miniature collection at Hever Castle in the UK (OMG would I love to go there!) made me think about the exhibits I have discovered and drooled over in my area. I have lived in Virginia and Maryland most of my life, and there are some wonderful collections of miniatures at the American History museum in D.C. and the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley in Winchester, VA. Here is a link to the famous doll's house at the American History museum (I may have discovered my fascination with miniatures here as a child): http://americanhistory.si.edu/dollhouse/introduction And for the collection at the Shenandoah Valley museum: http://themsv.org/collection/r-lee-taylor-miniatures-collection I highly recommend both! There is also a 1:12 scale reproduction of Washington's mansion at the Mount Vernon visitor center that is amazing. I'm sure there are lots more out there. Does anyone have recommendations for miniature exhibits in their area?
  14. Ahhh...thank you so much! I dabbed with vinegar and then used my blow dryer and the glue came right up with a butter knife. I never would have thought of that :-) I know mistakes will happen, I just hope nothing too dramatic or irreversible, LOL. I'm very happy I found this forum to help me along the way.
  15. Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I am excited but also a little petrified to start doing anything major because I'm very new to this and afraid of making some horrible mistake. I've been debating with myself about re-wiring it for lights because I'm trying to stay within a budget, and this little hobby could get expensive. I know it's a decision I should make before putting in new flooring and trimwork. Does anyone have advice for removing blobs of dried wood glue? There are two pretty big blobs running down the roof from where the dormer window is attached. I guess I could just shingle over them, but if there is some way to remove the glue that would be better.
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