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  1. Oh yes, thanks to reading through this forum and a few blogs I did realize I needed to do that and have been wallpapering that area. Here is a picture of it in progress with the front wall propped up.
  2. I am also working on the Beacon Hill and just finished the sub-assemblies of the staircases, and the risers are narrower than the treads, but not that much narrower. Those definitely look off to me, I agree that you should ask for a new sheet. My next step is to fit the staircases into the house, which I understand is going to be a challenge! So far I am really enjoying this house.
  3. I love the Realife furniture kits and have amassed quite a collection over the years thanks to ebay. I have a Realife watchlist set up so that ebay emails me when new kits are put up for sale, lol. They usually aren't inexpensive, but sometimes you can get a good deal thanks to bidding or with a best offer. I just recently snapped up a Queen Anne bedroom kit I had been watching for, and I love the Victorian sets too.
  4. Goshengirl


    The Etsy shop is Irinaminiatures, and they are actually in Russia. It took about a month to get my order because of shipping, but the detail of the food is amazing! I also bought the onions and garlic hanging next to the fireplace from them.
  5. Goshengirl


    I am building my very first dollhouse! My intention is to build it to look like a house from the Tudor era, which is one of my favorite periods of history to read about. We'll see how well I do!
  6. Goshengirl

    Tudor bed

    Oh, great idea - thank you!
  7. Thank you! He is actually my husband now, we had a small backyard wedding on October 10th :-)
  8. Thank you so much! This house has been so much fun. I have a lot more pictures, I'm just working on resizing them...I posted this one as a test to make sure it would go through.
  9. Goshengirl

    Day 9

    Thanks! I used a walnut stain, then a semi-gloss polyurethane finish.
  10. Oh my goodness, this was my first dollhouse! I got it for Christmas in 1979 or 80, and I loved it! I remember the avocado green bathroom and the harvest gold kitchen, and the state of the art stereo set for the living room. I had all the furniture and dolls as well, including the dog. Do you remember a hutch that came with plug in lamps that lit up? My brother and I also used to play with Star Wars people in that house. It satisfied my dollhouse itch for a while, until I got a 'real' dollhouse in 1985 - the Tennyson that I just finished rehabbing. And now that that is finished, I started build
  11. Hi Rebecca, I just finished rehabbing my childhood dollhouse, which had not really been damaged over the years just neglected, but still needed a lot of work. It was definitely a labor of love, it's wonderful to resurrect a beloved dollhouse and all its memories! I used wood flooring sheets from Houseworks for my house, which are thin strips of wood veneer attached to paper and I loved how they turned out. I polyurethaned the sheets, used paper to make templates of my floors, and then cut the sheets out and taped them in with strong double-sided tape. You can find them in the flooring section
  12. Goshengirl

    Childhood Tennyson

    I was given this dollhouse for Christmas, 1985 when I was 12. My dad and sister put it together for me, and my mom made the curtains and wallpapered the rooms. Recently I rescued it from their garage and I have had a lot of fun renovating it!
  13. No, it used to be but not anymore. I decided not to tackle rewiring the house for lights at this time. I might get some battery powered lights.
  14. Thank you! This house does mean a great deal to me, and I'm glad I'm able to improve it while still maintaining it as the dollhouse I loved as a kid. It's turned into a really fun hobby.
  15. Goshengirl

    Bed detail

    Thank you! My grandmother is gone now so I'm really glad I still have this quilt that she made for me, and she also gave me the handkerchief.
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