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  1. Thank goodness I had such a busy summer! Time flew by and bam, the results are out and I get to drool over pictures! The work is jaw-dropping. Great job to all and congrats to the winners, it was well earned. :thumb:
  2. I bought a Dremel 200 in an emergency rush to walmart to cut through a metal clamp holding in a piece of my car that REALLY needed to come out! Had I taken the time to mull it over and compare, I would have chosen the black & decker model. As far as voltage goes, the higher the better. The amps are directly related to the voltage, so a large amp rating means the voltage is also high (unless the resistance is greater, but that's a whole other ballgame that shouldn't really come into play too much between models). I just completed 1 year of college physics (eeew) and the electronics were the coolest part... If you get one with high voltage just get it with variable speed. You'll need a way to tone the power down if needed, otherwise it'll be like taking a Ferrari for a Sunday drive... ya know?
  3. I finally did some mini-ing today for my SF.It's my very first attempt at any of this, so I am looking at this more as a learning experience. I printed out some patterned carpet and managed to pull together a tufted chaise after about 3 days of cutting, gluing, and sewing. It's amazing what you can do with an old pillowcase, scrap wood, foam packing material, some fishing line, and some seed beads! :thumb:
  4. Nylon chiffon is huge right now in making petti-skirts for the little ones. It does not fray when cut, so it's an absolute dream of a sheer, wonderful fabric. It is harder to find than poly chiffon, but the most popular source is with AFC Express and it's only $1.69 a yard (plus S&H). I have some light pink that I ordered from them, I will include a pic... It is also popular right now for OOAK dolls clothing and some ebay sellers sell a scrap of this fabric for big $$$ just for that purpose. I am buying 8 more yard of it for curtains and dresses etc. for mini's and maybe a shabby-chic rosette or two on some of my shirts! LOL
  5. LOL... I love the smell of the laser cut wood! My husband came downstairs the other night, starts coughing and asks, "are you burning incense?" Sure thing... I was... the smell was so nice I decided to pull out some vanilla incense cones from the fall and just go all out. It makes me wish the winter fires were still in season!
  6. I love it just the way it is! It's got a very elegant, sophisticated simplicity to it that I think would get overshadowed with two many shiny hangy things on it. You did such a great job on it! I would love to try it myself and this inspires me to give it a go! Where did you get your findings from? I looked around at Micheal's, but left empty-handed since nothing gave me any "aha" moments. I do think that a small dab of white glue on your fingertip applied in a pinch/twist motion would help your wicks. I've done that with the tips of embroidery floss at times when it has given me fits.
  7. Wow, thank you! Excellent pictures and it is really good to know the bits don't do well with straight cuts. I am thinking I will definitely need some kind of shaft attachment. They made the rotary tools so darn huge and bulky that you can't even get anywhere near what you are cutting! It's all a conspiracy to get you to buy the attachment that costs the same price as the tool! Hahaha... :yikes:
  8. I have been wanting that accessory for the longest time. I keep holding back because the lowest price I have found for it is $17.95 on Amazon.com (okay wait... the price went up and now it's $25!! ) and I only paid $30 for my entire dremel tool! I guess it is probably worth it though... I have cut metal clamps, screws and bolts with my dremel, but have not done any detail cutting. I need to make some cuts on my SF kit and was thinking about getting the attachment to help me with that... Does it cut easily through wood? Do you use the cutting bits that look like drill bits? I know that when I cut through bolts and such the thing is a bear to control and sometimes gets away from me, but I use the cutting discs for that (not the straight bit). I have to wear work gloves, goggles, and a respirator (for the metal dust). I am hoping cutting wood is not as a big of an ordeal!!!!
  9. I would be climbing on the ceiling waiting!!!!! I don't know how you can do it! I especially don't know how your DH can keep the secret from you that long.... I always tell my husband what he is getting for Christmas a week before just because I can't hold it in! Must be a man thing to be able to torture us through the withholding of information.... :lol:
  10. Oh my! I have an overwhelming desire to run to the dollar store right now!!!!!!!! I have a huge, brand new Dollar Tree less than two miles from here, but I never go in there. I think I will be running out as soon as daddy comes home from work to take some baby duty! I really hope I find the champagne glasses. I was longing for some glass ones from HBS, but they were nearly $4 a piece, and that just won't do for my current budget. If I could find a bag of the gold ones for $1 I would be on cloud 9!
  11. Okay, so I wasn't losing my mind!!!! I had the same problem, thankfully I was dry-fitting with tape! It is my first build ever and I thought I was just messing it up somehow. I pre-labeled all of the pieces before punching them out, so I went to look at the diagram, then looked at the pictures in the instructions and I figured out that it wasn't me.... whew! :idiot:
  12. I think I have about 15 cuts to make to the SF. I was surprised at how small it ended up being in RL. Other than using the downstairs addition room as a padded cell for solitary confinement, I don't think anything else would fit! :insane: My imagination is surely much grander than the space I have available, so we'll have to see if I can come up with something before I destroy it entirely! Even if I do destroy it, I am having so much fun doing it!
  13. I love the toile! The color of the carpet is just the right shade to bring out those darker accents in the design. It is lovely!
  14. Selkie, my whole house is starting to look like that!!! A&E, you casting? LOL. Between the 3 kids, full time school with a 2 hour daily commute and the "remodeling" I am doing to the interior of my car (carpet, trim, seatbelts, upholstery all by me with just paint and fabric) my husband is about to rent a dumpster for all my projects and put me in there too! :idea: Thinking about adding the SF kit to all of that makes me think I'm crazy too!
  15. Ooooohhhhhhhh, coupons! Didn't think about getting 40% off. I don't plan on purchasing one in the near future, but I do have my eyes on a couple. I just feel like fainting when I look at the price and I think my husband might send me out to live in it if I bought one! LOL :idea: I can see where I might be able to swallow it after I graduate from college (being a student with 3 kids is... um... interesting) and use a coupon. Thanks guys... I feel better!
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