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  1. There are wires for the lights the main wires were cut
  2. More rooms on the left. I will take pictures of the right side when I start cleaning it. It's hard to move around. Luckily I had my truck and my brother when I bought it.
  3. Thank you everyone! Shannonc60 That's it!!!!! Thank you, this helps me to see what direction to go next. If I can figure out how to load more pictures from my iPhone i would love to post more of the inside. I love the detail on the first staircase.
  4. I believe I created an album in the gallery. And input would be great! Thank you
  5. Is there a way to load a picture with my phone? It keeps saying file too big :-(
  6. Does this make #5 post? I can't wait to show pictures
  7. It was out in the drop off lot. It was so random.
  8. I can't wait to show it! It's so detailed.
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