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  1. starblade6

    Buttercup- First dollhouse

    Our first attempt at building a dollhouse! :) Having a blast with it already :)
  2. starblade6

    IMG 1730

    I think it is Dalesq! @armymom166 -apparently so does my daughter because she was so excited that she could barely help me put it together! LOL
  3. starblade6

    IMG 1705

    Thanks, Selkie! She loves art and creating/decorating things so this is kind of perfect for her!
  4. starblade6

    IMG 1696

    Very true! I'm sure there will be plenty more goofs before we get done too. I nearly glued a wall backwards last night Thankfully, I realized it before it set lol
  5. starblade6

    IMG 1736

    Well, actually... lol I did not know that! But we did go over it with paint because she didn't want it white. She wanted it the same color as the walls... Thanks for the tip though! I'm WAAYYY out of my element with this so any tips I can get, I will most definitely listen! Lol
  6. starblade6

    IMG 1696

    Lol I told her I'm sure it will happen again! Thank you!
  7. starblade6

    IMG 1706

    My daughter did this by herself too. She's so proud This was by far the best idea I have ever had!
  8. starblade6

    IMG 1698

    Those look like the paint is really thick and goopy but it's really not lol I don't know why in the world it looks that way... maybe because it was still wet?? Sheesh
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