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  1. Might be silk or rice paper, Holly... Pierce Miniatures used to have it but there is nothing on their site now.
  2. Happy Mother's Day to you, Holly! Hope you're going off on a fun adventure!
  3. Hi Everyone! I'm so glad we're back up and connecting again! All is good at my house. I have enough to keep me busy for a good long time to come! Thank goodness HBS is shipping, though - I was very nearly out of stripwood!
  4. This is coming out adorable! Great work!
  5. Funny, it looks a lot like this person's post: https://minimumm.blogspot.com/2019/12/ohne-worte.html The base molding, wallpaper and outlet look the same.
  6. It looks like the Taj Mahal compared to living in the car - yippee! Hey Russ says we have an extra gas generator that is older but is supposed to work pretty well. If you think you might want to have it around so you have lights and heat when you want, he said he'd go do some maintenance on it (like fill the oil up etc). No charge. Let me know - we'd be happy to deliver it and give you our contact numbers too in case you need any kind of help this winter.
  7. Hi Jenn. It might be worth a try to contact Pauline Puglese via FaceBook. She does amazing period dressed dolls and costuming and is pretty new to it so she's still super nice and not conceited or snobby, lol!
  8. There is noting "off" about this or any other of your paintings, Sam! Each time I see a new landscape or subject, I am delighted at your eye and talent! Amazing stuff inside you!
  9. Great experimentation, Joel! And what a great subject! Socrates was definitely a brilliant man before his time! I just wanted to share an epiphany with you that I discovered after a long session of mixed results with real gold leafing. Krylon Gold Leafing pens. I have found that if the surface is clean, smooth and free of debris, using these pens creates an incredible result that will make you never go back. Hope it helps!
  10. John you might really enjoy seeing what they are doing over in the FB group.
  11. I do make all the stuff with my Explore Air and don't have the Maker yet. The Maker came out about a year after I got my Explore Air. I have a few blogland friends who had repeated issues with it, so decided to wait for it's upgrade to be released before I bought it to give them a chance to work out all of the bugs. In that time, I learned how to make mine work for what I needed it to do. I experimented a lot and watched endless YouTube videos. I may still get the Maker, but I'm not in a hurry. A laser cutter is higher on my wish list, but the good ones are still $7K!!! I was invited to join the FB group about a month ago, and the creativity there is inspiring! Plus, everyone shares their .svg files so that's really nice. The most beneficial things about using the Cricut in minis is the ability to make clean, precision cuts and make your own kits where everything fits together perfectly. Chipboard and cardboard once gesso'ed is as good as basswood imo.
  12. I've been using my Cricut Explore Air since about the end of 2016 to make all kinds of things for miniature builds. The funnest part is hacking the machine and making it do things with materials it's not supposed to be able to! If you're curious, here's a link to a search of my blog for "Cricut". I'm happy to share files and tips. http://my-miniaturemadness.blogspot.com/search?q=cricut
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