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  1. Oooh! A porch swing would be amazing! It has been decided, it's getting a porch swing for sure. Thank you! Matt, Otterine's heritage is what gave me the inspiration! It's absolutely amazing. I looked at your Garfield, and the porches really do look the right depth. I'm going to try to scale mine back a bit. I'm thinking once I finish the drawings, I think I'm going to make a cardboard mockup and use paper for some generalized furniture sizes, so I can get a good feel for what I'm thinking?
  2. I made my plan using 1" scale, I should have mentioned that! Oops. I have looked at real life floor plans, but shrinking them to scale, like the 8" deep porch, look just a little off. 8 foot deep porches are common in real life. Maybe it just needs furniture. I haven't purchased any furniture, but I didn't think about just using the measurements on the descriptions. That's a really good idea. So is making furniture! Looks a bit intimidating, but it might be fun to learn! Or at least if I'm decent at building furniture. Lol.
  3. I haven't been able to locate a duracraft heritage kit, so I figured I would try to build one from scratch. I can't really afford to pay high dollar for a kit anyway. There are a few things I don't like about the heritage, and there were others that I thought about doing, but there were things I didn't like about them too. So, I figured I would kind of create a bit of a Frankenstein'monster sort of build. The heritage had a protrusion that I didn't like, where the front door was, and I always liked Victorian homes with towers, so I figured I would add a tower, which made the protrus
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