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  1. Oooh! A porch swing would be amazing! It has been decided, it's getting a porch swing for sure. Thank you! Matt, Otterine's heritage is what gave me the inspiration! It's absolutely amazing. I looked at your Garfield, and the porches really do look the right depth. I'm going to try to scale mine back a bit. I'm thinking once I finish the drawings, I think I'm going to make a cardboard mockup and use paper for some generalized furniture sizes, so I can get a good feel for what I'm thinking?
  2. I made my plan using 1" scale, I should have mentioned that! Oops. I have looked at real life floor plans, but shrinking them to scale, like the 8" deep porch, look just a little off. 8 foot deep porches are common in real life. Maybe it just needs furniture. I haven't purchased any furniture, but I didn't think about just using the measurements on the descriptions. That's a really good idea. So is making furniture! Looks a bit intimidating, but it might be fun to learn! Or at least if I'm decent at building furniture. Lol.
  3. I haven't been able to locate a duracraft heritage kit, so I figured I would try to build one from scratch. I can't really afford to pay high dollar for a kit anyway. There are a few things I don't like about the heritage, and there were others that I thought about doing, but there were things I didn't like about them too. So, I figured I would kind of create a bit of a Frankenstein'monster sort of build. The heritage had a protrusion that I didn't like, where the front door was, and I always liked Victorian homes with towers, so I figured I would add a tower, which made the protrus
  4. Thank you! Thank you for the idea! I haven't decided on fireplaces yet... I'm not even sure if I will add the chimney with the four fireplaces! I got the kit yesterday, and I'm dry fitting it. I was- still- a bit intimidated. But, now that there are floors and walls, I can see more of what I want to do! I have decided, that I'm not exactly liking the two open sides. I really like the dollhouses I have seen that have just the backs being open. And I think that I can modify it so its possible, by making the parlor smaller, the kitchen bigger (I would switch the two rooms, o
  5. Haha, I actually had to look up MacGyver. A bit before my time, I must say... But truly, all the best things were! I remember seeing a trailer for a movie called MacGruber, a few years back, and I'm guessing that its a parody? I'm sure I'll figure out how to MacGyver my way around my build! After spending hours looking at all the 1700 pages of the gallery, I'm not so sure I will be complacent with just an ordinary Fairfield! Sooo much inspiration and ideas!! Thank you everyone for all the warm welcomes! I'm thrilled to be here!
  6. Hello! I'm new to the forums and new to miniatures. I found Otterine's Haunted Heritage on the internet a few months back, and fell in love with the whole idea, and decided, well, why not. I used my tax return to buy the Fairfield kit (of which should be here on Saturday), and haven't been able to keep myself contained. I'm super excited, cause its such a beautiful house, but I can't help but want to bash it! Kind of afraid to, for it will be my first build, but I will decide after I open the kit and take a look at it. I'm excited to have found this community and have spent q
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