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  1. I'm a little late, but congrats on the really good-looking blog! I like the way your bash is going, and I can't wait to see how it all comes together. Since I can't work on a house for little while, I will be living vicariously through your blog!
  2. Hello and welcome, Carolyn! ;) I built a Laurel and Primrose combo for my daughter a few years ago. They go together very nicely. I hope the brown truck brings your kits quickly and good luck with them!
  3. Hi Dennis, Thanks for sharing your site, I like how that 8-man bunk was coming along. My husband is also in to trains and I have used my mini skills to help him build a few On30 things, although we mostly do HO. I think the last thing we built was a mudbug? I'm not sure if that is the right name, but it was something like that. We had to pull the motor out of a trolly car and assemble a kit around it. We are actually taking our model railroad club to my sister's house tonight to work on her husband's HO layout that he started two years ago and got stuck on. My husband usually does the track and nature scenery things while I do the little buildings and other modeling things. But, doing the ballast has to be a team effort, or nobody is willing to do it! ;)
  4. Oh, I can feel for your mother! :Jumpy: I'm sure she'll be pleased to see a nicely finished dollhouse. The Glencroft is one of those houses I would love to build someday. It is such a cozy-looking house. ;)
  5. If your hands are cramping up, you could also try wrapping the sandpaper around a block of wood and sand that way.
  6. I think I have read somewhere that if a dog gets hungry enough, it will eventually eat something it doesn't like - however, cats have been known to starve themselves to death rather than eat food they don't want. I can't remember where I heard that, so I don't know if that's a fact. It does sound a little like he is playing you for better food. Time to call his bluff. ;) As long as it's good brand of dogfood, there is no reason he can't learn to love it.
  7. Stuffing! Stuffing! Stuffing! Just give me a big 'ol plate of stuffing, please! ;)
  8. shutterbugkc


    I love what you've done with this house! It looks wonderful!
  9. I was a late bloomer when it came to books. I can't remember ever being read to as a child, and I didn't start reading for pleasure until I was in my 20's. The first time I heard about The Chronicles of Narnia was when the movie came out. So, I read the series and loved it. Then I read it, one chapter a night, to my seven-year-old son who loved it. After we finished the last book, he wanted me to start all over again so we have. I also love reading the Harry Potter books and the Gregor books by Suzanne Collins, but I don't want to let my son read those until he is older - too scarey.
  10. Happy birthday to YoOoOOooOOOoou! :wub:
  11. Yay! Congratulations on your new delivery. :wub:
  12. I have a Siamese (Abner) who is always climbing all over my daughter's Laurel. It is on a little coffee table by the front door, and the roof on the Laurel comes back enough to make the attic space a perfect place for him to sit so he can be "eye level" with me when I come in the front door (yes, I'm rather short). The problem is that I think I saw the attic floor bowing a little under his weight today - I may have to move it so that it doesn't get permanently warped. :wub:
  13. Oh, wow! Those minis are unbelievable. I love all the little working lights. It would make me want to leave the fridge door open all the time. :wub:
  14. I'm not sure about it, but I think the oil might keep the glue from bonding to the wood. Sorry I'm not much help. Perhaps you could try it out on some scraps first?
  15. I have used Alumilite in the past with great success. You could probably google them to find their website if you are interested. I also like Woodland Scenics mold making stuff. I haven't tiried any other brands, but I think there are no shortage options out there. :groucho:
  16. I had no idea that there was such a thing as water-based stain. I learned something new today! :groucho:
  17. Things like that make me so mad! There should be stiffer penalties for people who start these kinds of schemes. I have heard of stories like these where people's lives have been ruined. It's just disgusting.
  18. I'm very glad to hear that this is a good thing! :groucho: It's nice to have time off, esecially when you are raising kids. My husband works at a CB repair shop and has been offered truck-driving jobs before from customers. He is now considering it as an option.
  19. Congratulations on your new toy! I hope you get to use it soon. I am determined that my children WILL see snow this year, so we have booked a trip to New Mexico to go skiing this winter. :groucho:
  20. shutterbugkc

    Sweet Meka

    Ellen, I'm sorry to hear about poor Meka. I hope everything turns out okay.((hugs))
  21. Oh my gosh, Carrie! I'm so sorry to hear about all of this going on with your mother. I hope her heart is okay so that they can get everything fixed. I'll be praying for you both. (((hugs)))
  22. Congratulations, Irene! So glad to here this! Good luck on Monday!
  23. Oooh, I've been dreaming of one day doing a Harrison. There just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do.
  24. Brenda, I love your creativity. That living room is looking great with that star and fireplace. I think the theme you are working with has so much potential.
  25. Woo-Hoo! Congrats on your BH. The big brown trucks are wonderful, aren't they?
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