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  1. Annette, I've said a prayer for you husband. I hope everything turns out okay and the MRI goes well. After such a bad week, I think a little venting is in order. Take it easy this weekend.
  2. Now, that's what I call scratchbuilt! She's doing a great job!
  3. Ooooooh, aaaaaaaah! Very nice woodwork and lots of attention to detail. Beautiful!
  4. Looks like any little girl's dream com true! Great work!
  5. I am working on my MA in Couseling Psychology, but this class is required for several degrees here at Tarleton State University, including one of the doctorate programs. Luckily, this should be the only statistics class I will have to take! I'm so relieved to have it behind me! The whole class was about learning to use a program called SPSS (Software Package for the Social Sciences) and learning the theory behind it all. Pretty interesting stuff, but not interesting enough to make me want to take another class about it. I'll just take my "A" and move on.
  6. Congratulations on your great find! I LOVE your idea about a hotel. I can just see a little bell hop standing by the door. What a great Christmas present for yourself! Have fun!
  7. Yeah! Glad to hear you got a visit from the "brown santa". Have fun!
  8. I know what you mean! I have my last final of the semester (Behavioral Statistics) this afternoon and I will be done for the holidays. Hopefully, January will take its time getting here so we can have a nice long break.
  9. Wendy, your house is amazing! I think the kitchen floor is my favorite part. I love that you have made so many things by hand. Simply stunning!
  10. Very cool artiticle! But, when I'm away from my husband I'll keep him in my heart, not on my finger. And don't get me started about about wearing a blood sample.
  11. Hot cocoa! We've had some cold weather lately, so I have been making quite a bit of it.
  12. Both the rug and the house are looking fantastic! I am just finishing up my very first mini-stitching project. It sure it a lot of work per square inch, but it looks so cool. Good luck with finishing both projects.
  13. I love to hear the stories behind old dollhouses! I think it is great that you got to finish one. You know those girls are gonna LOVE that house. And it looks sturdy enough to last for their own kids to play with. Awesome floors, btw.
  14. Oops, sorry I didn't see your question very quickly. No, I don't have a website, but we are working on one for our train club. It's getting there!
  15. I have two of them in my living room right now. One of them is my daughter's and I'm working on another one for her. I swear I'm going to declutter her room and get her dollhouses in her own room one day. But for now, they just hang out in the living room and dining room.
  16. Ermm...... Then again, I guess because of the group we are, we are easily offended by a sloppily built house. But still...were those shingles painted on? :insane:
  17. WHOA! It looked so innocent on the outside. Pretty house, though.
  18. Cool! Congratulations on the win! Out of curiosity, how do you access the inside of the green house?
  19. I'm late, but THANK YOU DEAN AND TRACY! I don't get to check in as much as I would like, but it is always a pleasure.
  20. I would go for the little touches to finish the existing houses. I love special touches! Did somebody bring cake?
  21. Glad to see your Tenny's act of desperation paid off! You husband should thank youw hen he comes home.
  22. Yup! My BA is in art - I like to think of myself as a professional doodler.
  23. I did see that commercial! I wondered if it would spark interest in dollhouses for Christmas.
  24. While I believe that the templates are a good suggestion, it is not one I have taken. I have always glued my wallpaper directly to the walls over my tape wire. I tend to make things more permanent and I like to have something very secure to glue my baseboards and crown molding to. Having said that, I have no idea what I would do if I needed to remove the wiring for some reason. I think you will be okay, as long as you're sure you've done a good job with the wiring. I suppose if something happened and you needed to do more wiring, you could just add round wire behind the baseboards to hide it, or you could add more tapewire over the wallpaper and paper over that. Glueing the wallpaper over the tapewire is just my personal preference - everyone has their own way of doing things. :angry:
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