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  1. thinkinlikegavroche

    Creating A Family

    My adventures in dollhouse doll making. I'm creating an Edwardian family, made from soft sculpture and loosely based off of the Waldorf Doll Style. I used old pantyhose for fabric, an old pillow for stuffing, Brush On Tacky Glue as a stiffener, unravelled acrylic yarn for hair, and markers to darken their faces.
  2. I didn't have a pattern for their bodies... I just rough-cut the shape and sewed it. For their heads, check out these directions: http://pinterest.com/pin/478296422895237792/ and http://naturalkidsteam.com/wordpress/2010/03/make-small-waldorf-doll-part-i/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/29184580@N04/3531233237/in/set-72157617798912890/ and http://www.motherearthnews.com/nature-community/pantyhose-dolls-zmaz81ndzraw.aspx?page=2 I didn't follow anything that closely, but I did base it off of some tutorials I looked at. Feel free to check out my whole album and get ideas. I tried to take picture
  3. The result of my vacation. I literally didn't leave our tiny apartment for DAYS!!!!
  4. Looks good! So glad to see another Vineyard maker!
  5. I like it this way! Wow, it is going to look so elegant!
  6. The dream: 7-8 room dollhouse, created from the Primrose and Vineyard kits, with extra flooring added.
  7. This is the look I was going for: http://www.commentnation.com/hotlinks/stone_tile_background_dark_brown_seamless.jpg
  8. The picture came out kinda blurry. I will post more later. It totally looks like stone tile. I sealed it with Brush-on Tacky glue. (By the way, I've just discovered Brush-on Tacky Glue and it is AMAZING!!! I love it.)
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