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  1. I have built this house, a few years ago actually for my mom for a gift
  2. Anyone else here addicted to subscription boxes? I just recently discovered them, I'm a little late to the game but I am loving them. Who else thinks we need a dollhouse/miniature version? I do I do.
  3. Does anyone need 1 half scale Yorktown window? Some how I ended up with an extra that I don't need.
  4. buckeyepie


    I love them:-)
  5. I have contacted both PayPal and etsy several times. Etsy just never answers emails or claims, have done both. Paypal told mW when called she had 90 days to reply to claim but they also are not replying to emails.
  6. buckeyepie

    silly Pup 6

    Gotta keep them paws warm :-)
  7. At the nursing home I work they have a tree for the elderly who either need items or don't have families that visit, we normally give to a few people as well as while the nieces are off from school I take them to work with me to spend time with everyone. Both the kids and elderly really seem to enjoy it.
  8. I know, it just try frustrating. The order I placed she charged $5 a piece for the tulips which is not a lot I guess but at $90 then $30 shipping kinda cuts into pending budget for everyone else especially since I now have to make my own. She won't answer thru etsy or PayPal. Etsy was suppose to make decision the issue wed since she never responded, but etsy is also not answering my emails, so I called PayPal and they said she had 30 days
  9. ThE beginning of Oct I place a non mini customer order for my sister bday( which is veterans day). The shop email requested money on the 15th saying it was ready to ship. I paid gave it a few weeks then Nov 1 emailed her saying had not received order she had never even marked them as shipped. She replied of well the pink ones (ordered wooden yard tulips 6 red 6 pink 6 blue) hadn't cured correctly so she would not change shipping but the would be in mail by end of week, still enough time to receive for day. OK no biggy I thought. Well her birthday came and went still nothing not even marked as
  10. Haven't painted it yet. Going to see how it looks with the wallpaper and then decide.
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