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  1. Dreamer14


    This is a lovely room. Love the sleigh bed and the use of the two different wall papers. Looks really nice. I feel your pain on the molding.
  2. Dreamer14


    The comment I get from most people who see it is "that it's too busy." But I was so excited about building my first house that I put everything in it that I could think of. Next time I'll will try to edit myself more. Thank you for your comment. I really love it too.
  3. Dreamer14


    Love the tub window nook. Pretty cool. The tiles in the picture are very nice.
  4. Windows are beautiful. I hope that one day I can do stuff like this from scratch.
  5. Dreamer14


    This is the Garfield I just altered it a bit. I got a lot done the first year I worked on it then let it sit unfinished for 3 years. But hoping to finally get it finished. First time building a dollhouse. Learning the hard way.
  6. Dreamer14


    Thank you! This is my first dollhouse and I went crazy with too many ideas. That's why each area is completely different. In retrospect I probably should have stuck with a more cohesive theme. I actually purchased a couple of wood floor kits. (office, 2nd floor landing and master bedroom) Hard to mess those up. The attic and living I bought 3 different colors of wood and mixed them together. I use Yes paste as an adhesive which I find doesn't cause warping or ripples.
  7. Dreamer14


    I like your bathroom. Using old earphone for a shower head is pretty creative.
  8. This is amazing. Excellent job.
  9. Hi Syiera, I was also new to building and started the Garfield in 2015. It was a huge undertaking for a newbie like me. I took a break from building for about 3 years. But am currently working hard to finish my dollhouse. I admire your ambition to try to build your own from scratch. I am thinking about building a garage from scratch to match my garfield dollhouse. I also live in colorado on the western slope and have had a hard time connecting with individauls close by who are interested in minitatures. So welcome and if I can be of any assistance I would be glad to help. This is
  10. I have been working on my garfield dollhouse going on 3 years now. Life has interferred more than I realized but it's a work in progress and I am under no time. I have posted some pictures of my dollhouse in the picture gallery on this site. One of the things I was lacking was some one bounce ideas off. I have changed my garfield and am not quite following and using all of the kit. For example I changed out all the windows and doors and staircase. I think it would be nice to share and offer support in your garfield build and as I am still working on mine I would appreciate input as well.
  11. Dreamer14

    Upstairs landing

    You have truley inspired me. The garfield I'm currently working on is my first build. I am having so much fun building it. I'm still going to take the time and finish it the way I invisioned. But my mind is already working on an idea of building my own from scratch. I don't know if I have the talent for it but I want to give it ago. When that time comes I hope I can bug you for advise. Do you have any online tutorials?
  12. Dreamer14

    Upstairs landing

    I love it when you had new pictures. Looks great as always. Looking forward to seeing your next post. This house your working on, is it your own design or a kit that you're modifying? It all looks so original and that you are making most it from scratch is truly inspiring. I wish I could see it in person.
  13. Peggy ~ I look forward to seeing your progress as well. I hope you will post pictures of your orchid. I'll keep posting as I go. My moto is slow and steady. I also have a website of my build if you're interested. It's www.jdsdollhouse.com
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