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  1. It's a cute little house, Carrie, but the style just doesn't grab me.
  2. Just as long as they're not black widow, brown recluse, or ghost spiders! I've been bitten by nontoxic ones, and I get so much histamine reaction I wind up itching all over my body!
  3. Pretty! I'll have to remember the seller's name for the future.
  4. This is the cover picture. I confess I backordered the fireplace. https://www.miniatures.com/Category.aspx?CategoryId=937
  5. Got my summer HBS catalog today. Loving the mod mini mood of the scene on the cover! Thinking of copying it with a few twists to make it my own. One of which is I'm hoping to make a Chihuly style light fixture. I know someone else did one; I hope they can chime in and tell me how.
  6. I keep track of my planning using an excel spreadsheet. I can highlight things I'm waiting for in italic, things I bought in bold, etc. I also save pictures of the items on my computer.
  7. Cooked dinner for Mom tonight. She had a craving for my roast turkey. Tasted pretty good. Dad is going to bbq sometime this week. Hope everyone had a nice mother's day!
  8. I've shopped them in the past and gotten great things.
  9. It sure does, Holly! I think it has over 50 roses, and some are mini-sized. Love all the shades of pink. I keep giving the floral foam sips of water every other day, and they open a little more every day. I was very happy I only had to pay an $8 delivery fee.
  10. Was at the doctor again today, for monitoring my condition. I'm not in any danger, healthwise, she just likes to keep an eye on things. As usual, they weighed me, and ha! Lost another few pounds. Go me! I swear that MCT oil is magic stuff. I'm convinced it's helping me lose weight. Still busy as a bee with my minis, and keeping myself entertained with my daily newspaper puzzles (they added extra ones since the virus took off). My library has also fulfilled my requests, so I have new books to read too. The bouquet came and it's gorgeous! The only difference is my local florist used slightly different greenery, but it's lovely all the same. https://www.teleflora.com/flower-arrangement/queens-court-by-teleflora?prodID=P_T63-1A&skuId=T63-1A&zipMin=
  11. Thanks Holly. I decided to make a small but elegant dining set with these paired together: https://www.miniatures.com/Monticello-Drop-Leaf-Table-P22465.aspx and these https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kit-Chippendale-Side-Chair-wooden-furniture-Houseworks-13007-1-12-scale/191123033470?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l9372. Planning to stitch this kit for the room's rug: https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/dollhouse-miniature-needlepoint-area-463893392. Also planning on using a HOM grandfather clock and queen anne table in the room as well.
  12. Finished stitching the set of dining chair covers from the book I was working on, so they're ready for when I assemble the chair kits for them. They look great; they're a yellow rose surrounded by light and dark blue alternating stripes. Once I get a new camera I'll have plenty to add to my album. I also finished the two chair pillows (greek wreath pattern in blues and cream) for a hardback pair of chairs to go with a parlor settee kit I got from HBS. Waiting on fabric for that before I assemble it. Planning to reupholster a Victorian parlor sofa and chairs, waiting for that fabric too. Hoping to start a bolster cushion in the next few days before I move on to some rug projects. Also working on life-size embroidery, a pair of flower pictures of pansies and clematis in beautiful soft colors. After that, I plan to work on a life-size cross stitch picture of a pair of robins sitting on some snowy holly branches. Need to buy some more stretcher bars for my stitching. Also, I got some news. I enter contests in tabloids, and I found out I won a lovely bouquet from Teleflora, which is supposed to be delivered tomorrow.
  13. Wonderful to hear from you CJ! So glad that things are working out well, and I'm sorry to hear about your mother.
  14. Let me chime in as happy to see you back! Was just thinking about you the other day, wondering how you were, and then, question answered!
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