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  1. LOL, Kathie! Down to 3 colors left with the rabbit pillow. Some more cream stitches, some dark green, and then on to the blue background stitching, which should be more speedy. Had some indulgent Stouffer's macaroni and cheese with the meatloaf tonight, hit the spot. Off to the doctor tomorrow for a checkup, then dinner at Wendy's maybe? Thinking of getting a spicy chicken sandwich with fries and root beer.
  2. Slight setback on the rabbit pillow. I discovered a misplaced unit of stitches which was throwing me off. So I unpicked the mistakes and restitched. Of course once I did that, my eyes felt too tired to go further. Meatloaf tonight.
  3. Hard at work on the Cluny rabbit pillow. I think I'm just shy of half done, yay! A few more days of stitching should finish it, then I can start the Cluny deer. Loving how I'm spending the evenings lately, I put my old Star Trek reruns on and start stitching. Dinner last night was a very indulgent frozen pizza, since my aunt had invited my parents to her house for a gathering, but I wasn't feeling up to seeing everyone. Turns out they all missed me and were asking my dad all about what I've been up to. I did make a contribution for them to take; I baked an apple pie which was a big hit. Surprising, since those apples were rock hard and didn't seem all that juicy to me when I was cutting them up. I also made some banana bread which will last for 3 days, maybe, since mom, dad, and my brother are all fans. Thinking maybe turkey tacos or chili for dinner tonight. Off to make a large breakfast: taylor ham, scrambled eggs, and rye toast with butter and marionberry jam. My eldest brother always signs my parents up for a jelly of the month club for Christmas, so I get to try unusual flavors. I'm keeping a running tally of the best ones to give the company feedback.
  4. Finished stitching the mountain lake picture this evening. One big push and yay it looks great! Took a nice picture of it too. Will start the Cluny pillows tomorrow; I think I'll do the rabbit first, then the deer. Dinner was leftover Italian sausage with spaghetti, garlic bread and salad tonight. Tomorrow my dad is planning on barbecuing some chicken breasts. We'll probably have corn on the cob, grilled veggies and some other side with it. I also plan to bake some banana bread. Staying busy at home, helping my parents with laundry and cooking.
  5. Have settled on the new project for when the current one is done. Think I'll do another vintage kit to go with the unicorn screen, this time of a pair of "cluny" animal pillows. On the plus side, I actually have two of those kits, so I can use the other for spare silk gauze for another future project. Think I'll go with easy for dinner tonight, turkey tv dinner sounds good to me. Enjoying my evenings stitching very much. Just have to figure out how to get more photos of my projects from the new camera. I really can't wait to share them with you all.
  6. Been going full steam ahead on the mountain picture. Am now about half done. A few more days of stitching should see it finished. What should I do next? Must sort through the stash to find my next idea.
  7. My mom was planning on watching with me, but she had forgotten she promised to have dinner with my aunt, so I watched it alone. Reception was sketchy tonight with the few thunderstorms that were passing through, so my star trek reruns were interrupted. Still, made a good start on the new project despite that.
  8. Finished the unicorn screen tonight while watching a movie I remember seeing on tv as a child, the seventh voyage of Sinbad? That animation of the creatures and the hammy acting is so corny, but enjoyable nonetheless. On to the next project tomorrow, the mountain lake picture. Dinner with the parents beforehand, Dad is planning on grilling cheeseburgers.
  9. You may find this book helpful: https://www.amazon.com/Thirties-Forties-Miniatures-12-Scale/dp/186108501X/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=jane+harrop&qid=1593228052&s=books&sr=1-1 I bought my used copy before amazon jacked that price up. See if you can request through your library, and consider using the interlibrary loan if none of the branches near you have it.
  10. Camera is here and test driven. LOL. Will post photos later. Later is here and I'm having a little trouble. Can't seem to download the photo editing software that goes with it, and having a bit of a head scratch over how to connect camera to internet connection so I can transfer pictures to my pc. Will have to do more reading I guess to puzzle it out.
  11. Helped mom make dinner tonight. Italian stuffed shells and sooooo good! Enough leftovers for a repeat dinner on the weekend, too. Made some nice progress on the unicorn screen. I'm into filling in the background now, and the navy blue is making all the other colors really pop. A few more days of steady stitching should see it finished. Next project: a needlepoint picture of a mountain lake scene done on 40 count gauze. Then I think I'll switch back to the 30 count.
  12. Have taken the chance on a new camera. Hope to see it by the end of the week, and then maybe I can upload more pictures!
  13. Still glad to hear from you! It's been a long time. Stay safe and well.
  14. A very nice father's day was had with my family. My mom made roast beef for dinner, and my dad got to open cards and a gift afterwards. Making progress on my tiny silk gauze project. I also finished the larger scale one I started before this one, as I managed to get more thread to finish it. Currently I'm working on a vintage CJ originals kit, of a medieval unicorn firescreen. I hope to put it in one of my future tudor projects. I think I will continue to alternate between the two sizes of silk gauze projects, as I have quite a few in my backlog to clear out, and I don't want to have any mental exhaustion working on the same size over and over. Currently taking a break from working on any rugs, but I hope to get back into those too. I have plenty to keep me busy and avoid any exposure to summer heat and bugs!
  15. I've ordered, but not yet assembled. They seem good quality, but you have to buy the fabric separately. I use a very nice seller on ebay for silk, and buy cotton from Joann's fabrics.
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