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  1. Hey everyone! Finally completed the rug I was working on before the hospital saga. It's that leaping deer one from the 20th century miniature book. I replaced the orange with another shade of brown though. Hope to have a picture up soon. A few nights ago I started another rug, this one a discontinued one from Janet Granger called Hannah, which fits the theme. It's also shades of brown, kind of abstract and geometric to go with the other rugs in the project. At the rate I'm working, I'll finish that one quickly, maybe within two weeks. Tonight's dinner menu includes Italian sausage and spaghetti. Oh how I missed it while I was away! Physical therapy is also going well. And, next week I see a new doctor. I also have some new jewelry supplies to play with. Yes, my pretties, I'm very busy lately!
  2. Back to the needlework for me. Did some last night while watching the tv. Have a nasty cold with horrible congestion. Starting to walk without the walker, but still supported. Dinner was leftover spinach lasagna. Tomorrow we plan on turkey tacos.
  3. Thanks Muriel! The leg wounds are much smaller now, but still aren't completely healed. Was playing around with colored pencils earlier, making an abstract drawing. Not quite ready to get back to stained glass yet, and my strength isn't quite up to long stints of needlework either, but I'm getting better all the time.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm back. Was a very trying two and a half months for me. July 4 had me sent to the hospital for respiratory event, my CO2 levels were sky high and I was put on a ventilator for 2 weeks. Luckily I don't remember a thing. I now have to use a CPAP at night though. After the hospital stay, I went to rehab for 3 weeks and I'm home now, using a walker and working back up to full strength so I can walk unaided in the future. I will still have to go to rehab closer to home, but will no longer be staying in a facility. Can't wait to get back to all my projects!
  5. Made another leap in healing on the leg. I basically just have one sore that is still healing, and I've healed the other two. Things have been a little tricky with our oven lately. We've been getting an error code off and on when it's on for a long time, like when cooking a roast. Will have to try to reach the repairman this week.
  6. Leg is healing well. Doctor tells me I'll be off the treatment machine soon. Been designing some jewelry lately. Thinking of opening an etsy shop to sell. I made some earrings for the nurses who have been taking care of me each week and they loved them. I took some dangling flowers, and threaded a crystal dangle through them that matched the color perfectly. Tonight we're having spinach lasagna.
  7. Well I trotted over to the hospital again on Saturday, this time not due to my leg, but bad stomach pains. They tell me, kidney stone! Argh. Luckily I was sent home with medication and the pain started letting up. It might be due to the diet I've been following for healing, more protein, more dairy, but they didn't know for sure. Oh did I tell you my good news? They weighed me at my last hospital stay and I found out I lost 40 lbs! I'm the skinniest I've been in a long while, but still have far to go.
  8. Was in the hospital again, but luckily only for a few days this time. They tell me the third wound I had has healed up, one down, two to go! Good to catch up with everyone. Tonight I'm helping my mom cook spinach lasagna for dinner.
  9. Sounds nice, Kathie! Haven't gotten back to the stitching, as I'm mostly in bed or moving around for PT. Dinner tonight is Italian sausage, mmm. Check in with you all in another few days.
  10. Good to see you again, Muriel! I've been out of commission in the hospital for some healing wounds that had started getting bad. I'm back home now, with help from my parents. Nice to read about minis again.
  11. Still working on the first rug. I'm about half done. All the rugs (except the bath mat which is pink) are in different shades of browns, cream, and tans, and on the smaller side. I'm currently doing the abstract circle rug from the miniature carpet book, the other two to follow are the gazelle rug from the 20th century embroidery book and an out of print Janet Granger design, which also has abstract circles on it. Had beef stew for dinner.
  12. So I finished the gray and cream rug, as well as two pillows for a mod loft kit I plan to make in the future. I just started on the first rug for it. Going smoothly! I posted new eye candy....
  13. Just posted the bath mat pic. I'm still working on the charcoal and cream rug I started, all I have left to do is the cream background.
  14. Finished the bath mat. Just need to take a pic and upload. Next project will be another small rug, thinking I'll also use it in a bathroom.
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