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  1. Just posted the bath mat pic. I'm still working on the charcoal and cream rug I started, all I have left to do is the cream background.
  2. Finished the bath mat. Just need to take a pic and upload. Next project will be another small rug, thinking I'll also use it in a bathroom.
  3. Thanks Susie! Using some of the leftover canvas from the recent rug to make a little pink bath mat.
  4. Thanks Holly! When I first saw that pattern in the book, I said to myself, I'll never make that, but it was just a matter of finding the right project inspiration to make me stitch it up.
  5. Hi Keifer! It's about 5 x 8 inches.
  6. I finished it! Just posted a picture of the finished rug in my needlework album. What to work on next? Hmmm. Have to think about that. Dinner last night was spaghetti with meat sauce that I made, dinner tonight was takeout Chinese orange chicken.
  7. One color left in the borders. I should be finished soon!
  8. Mine was certainly merry! Made a lovely dinner of turkey with gravy, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, asparagus, and cranberry sauce. Also got some nice presents, including some great minis. Of particular interest was some lovely wallpaper in green and cream, with a classical design to go in my regency parlor I'm planning. I hope to finish the carpet for it in the coming week.
  9. Hello and welcome Stacey! I too am in the NC area, down in Statesville, about 40 minutes west of Winston-Salem. Maybe you'd like to meet in the future? I love Van Burens. One of my dreams is to find a kit and build it in the Tudor style.
  10. Moved on to the outer borders of the rug. I'm speeding along now!
  11. Great news Jackie! I'm having fun doing my rug, snuggling in my chair with the tv on.
  12. I don't like the idea of being the guinea pig, sorry. I'm under 40, pretty healthy overall, and have been going out only once a week if that for only 30 minutes or so, wearing my mask.
  13. Enjoying my evenings now I've straightened out the problem. Just finished one of the inner borders, doing a lattice pattern. Dinner was leftover Italian sausage and spaghetti.
  14. Found an error that was driving me crazy. Now it's fixed, so I'm still hard at work on the carpet. Dinner was decadent. Bacon cheeseburger, anyone? Mmmm.
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