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  1. Finished the last golden yellow. Started on the background. Dinner was leftovers.
  2. Finished with more colors. Down to just one left and the background. So, I'll be stitching that for a few days. Dinner was barbecued chicken.
  3. Finished with the dark green and the project. Just posted a picture of it. It's a beautiful pillow with red roses. Started the daffodil pillow tonight. Went through at least 3 colors so far. It's a bit more spare in design, with lots of background stitching. Dinner was meatloaf with a side of rice a roni.
  4. Two thirds done with the dark green. Dinner was takeout pizza. I had to go to the lab today for blood drawn for tests because I have the doctor next week.
  5. Started the last color, a dark green for the background. Dinner was chicken, baked beans, and cauliflower. Had the dentist today for my annual cleaning. No problems, just some sore gums from them poking and prodding me.
  6. Hi Holly! Good to hear from you. I figured the hurricane kept you from posting. Finished with the light green, and moved on to a dark red. Dinner was crockpot bbq pork with a side of mac and cheese.
  7. Good to hear from you! Glad you had some minis to work on.
  8. About two thirds done with the light green. Dinner was leftover spinach lasagna. Still tasty!
  9. Stitching with light green tonight. Dinner was delicious barbecued steak, baked potato, corn in butter sauce, and crispy onions.
  10. Worked with a different shade of green tonight. Dinner was leftover chicken used in a homemade pot pie.
  11. Makes me think of gorgeous Regency townhouses in London.
  12. Worked with some green silk thread tonight. Dinner was spinach lasagna and so good!
  13. Did a little bit of stitching on the new project. Dinner was leftover barbecued burgers.
  14. No stitching tonight. My hands felt tired, probably from all the detail on the Renoir! Dinner was roast chicken with some egg noodles and squash on the side.
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