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  1. Have you noticed that there seems to be a dollhouse size that is in between the 1:12 and 1:24? I purchased a simple but very sturdy dollhouse already built for my granddaughter to use when she was here. It came with a lot of furniture pieces that were scaled smaller than my 1:12 size. I ASSUMED that they must be the 1:24 scale. So I went to buy a living room set for her dollhouse (on the cheap I might add - but cute enough wood pieces) and when they got here they were way too small. The eBay ad said they were 1:24 or 'half scale' though. So how do we determine what the slightly-smaller s
  2. Ooops - the house measures 32" tall. Apparently the rolling stand that it sits on is 22" tall. Ha, ha. So that makes much more sense. I keep going back to look at the ad but I'm trying my best NOT to buy it. Its so similar to my Bellinghams... I really need to behave myself!
  3. the height of the dollhouse is 22", so that means subtracting the foundation (1 1/2" maybe?) the height of the rooms is short, 7" is so, like in my Bellinghams. I found that using standard 1:12 scale furniture makes the rooms look cramped. So this one probably calls for 1:16 or 1:24 size pieces. Those are much harder to come by. But it looks like they're got electricity in it - though they make no mention of it.
  4. I know. They did such a nice job of shingling that portion.
  5. You're right - that's it. I wasn't really thinking Dura Craft since so many of their floors are the thinner wood. Once you mentioned it though I found lots of photos of the DC Farmhouse online. Thanks for your help!
  6. How many dollhouses do you have Holly? I've met so many people who build them to donate for fund raisers. Isn't that marvelous? I have my two Bellinghams (that are my 'keepers), the huge VF800 that I plan (HOPE) to sell, and one smaller hand made dollhouse that I keep here for my granddaughter to play with.
  7. I was thinking it looked rather Real Good Toys-ish myself. It is a craigslist ad nearby and they're asking $200 for it. it looks so much like my two Bellinghams and I love them both. NOT THAT I NEED ANOTHER DOLLHOUSE. What cute little doggies you have there! Looks like one of mine, Spike, the sweetest little guy to ever come out of the animal shelter.
  8. Does anyone know what this dollhouse is and who its made by?
  9. .... And did you BUY them? I'd seen a craigslist ad for a couple of weeks (not far away) and the ad just showed a photo of a boxed dollhouse window. And the ad said there were things in the boxes ($75) to build a Victorian house. I passed it by for a couple of weeks and then thought I'd just find out if there was any basswood because I use a lot of it. She said this was a collection of her mother's. Her mother had planned to build a house (from scratch I assume) one day but had passed away. The daughter had no interest in dollhouse stuff When I met her she opened up the back
  10. Holly - I'm tickled PINK for you. I'd love to get to see that one close up. It looks like they did a really nice job assembling it. This was MEANT TO BE!
  11. Hello Selkie Great info on that site. What's funny is that I was thinking that a 16-volt bulb would be too MUCH current and wind up with a glaring light or even zap my electric lines. But the 16-volt will be a softer light. That's a noteworthy fact since I wanted the wired light bulbs for making light fixtures. I actually prefer using the bulbs with wired sockets but sometimes those are just too big. Thank you for helping me Selkie. Pat
  12. I would like to know if pre-wired 16-volt grain of wheat or grain of rice bulbs will work with our 12-volt transformers/systems.
  13. I was looking at your 'construction' photos again and I have to chuckle - we find so many funny things to use as weights when we're taping glued parts together. I had a selection of beer and liquor bottles that I would use for props - needing different sizes for different functions. I'd have THEM all taped up too, with braces taped to them here and there. And you know what's funny is that after you've finally got it all put together, you kind of miss the construction. Of course now you get to do all that decorating. Are you going to make it a 'beach' theme? Even though its called the Bea
  14. Where do you live Joanne? It would be so much fun if you had someone close by to knock ideas around with.
  15. YIPPEE - another 'victim' of the dollhouse bug. There are so many more adventures awaiting you as you become addicted. You'll find you look at odds and ends around the house in a brand new light, realizing that you can turn them into something intriguing for your little home. The Beach Bungalow was the first dollhouse I noticed when I was looking for my first kit a year and a half ago. I appreciate the sturdy construction of all the Real Good Toys dollhouses. I hope you'll have oodles of fun decorating it. Best wishes and welcome to the asylum....
  16. The 'precision bits' all come with the same bottom that slips into the colet. So I think those would work fine in your normal Dremmel tool.
  17. I want to share one of the neatest tools I have ever owned with everyone. It's called a 'Rotary Tool' and I found it at Harbor Freight Tools for just $9.99. I expected it to break quickly but it wasn't that expensive and I thought I'd give it a try. Its like a Dremmel Tool. But its small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The Rotary Tool comes with some drill bits, a few sanding wheels and a few different sized 'colets' for changing if you're using regular drill bits. I don't know what half of the things are for but I DO know a drill bit and sanding wheel. They also sell a set of '
  18. Yup - sounds like gray is the way to go. Isn't it marvelous to have ideas from the pros?!
  19. I was also thinking of a small buffet so it would be high enough but have that storage underneath. The wheels on the bottom though would also be nice.
  20. Amy - that was the FIRST thing that came to my mind too. When I was building my very first dollhouse last year I read that tip here on the Greenleaf members site (painting the roof the same color as the shingles before you put them on). And I was so glad I listened. It eliminates all those tiny touch-ups.
  21. Oooh m'gosh Holly. You come up with the best ideas. There is a Greenleaf member who has built and donated literally hundreds of dollhouses and she was mentioning that she spray paints the roofs, taping off and covering the rest of the house with plastic. She even did some sponge treatments that were so cute. Was that 'Ann in New York'?
  22. What a beautiful job you've done. How about 'Googling' "Pink Dollhouses" to see what you think of the black roof? I noticed that having a black roof with a pink dollhouse is quite common.
  23. Those carts look pretty nice. And that's a great idea. I think its inspired me to see if I can find something like that with door on the bottom for storage too. Thanks for the idea.!
  24. Has anyone found a great table that's high enough to display a dollhouse - more at eye level than normal table height? I'd prefer not to have to bend over to look inside. Is there some sort of table that's specifically made for dollhouse displays?
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