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  1. I'm looking for some claw-foot legs for chairs. I've seen the typical cabriole legs on different sites but I'm looking for nice carved claw feet legs. Any ideas? I've tried doing a little carving to the cabriole legs but I'd really rather have the real thing.... Thanks
  2. THAT is a dollhouse? I've got to look again but I'm in LOVE with it.
  3. Nope - I just tried to make an album and its telling me the same thing - file size limited to 10.24 kb...Darn it.
  4. Thank you Jenn. I hadn't even really thought it out enough to think about 'mounting' the house on some board that I could 'landscape'. And I LOVE landscaping. But this being my first tiny dollhouse I was pretty much just focused on the house itself. So to hide the on/off switch I built a sort of wood box/base that I ran the wiring down into. I think I could still do a wee bit of landscaping along the edges and potted plants on the covered porch. Is there a reason for me being restricted to such a little file size? 10.24kb. Should I have been deleting my previous photos or s
  5. It was too late to join - either on the sides OR underneath. Well, at least joining one of the other 4 little buildings in the Greenleaf Village set. I see I could've added another floor underneath and then just made the existing front door open onto a balcony. But that would've meant fabricating the lower floor from scratch... I possibly COULD do it but I think I'd rather start over from scratch. Once I finish this little one I'll be feeling a little more comfortable with the 'scratch' thing. I did add a porch around two sides and I think it makes the house look much more finished. But
  6. Would you like one of the other 4 buildings I have left here? Here's what my 'Victorian' looks like as of last night. It doesn't look too Victorian to me - its turning out to look more like a cottage. But that's fine too.
  7. . I'll be sure to check these out. Thanks Carmen. I'm still hard at work on my Greenleaf Village 'Victorian'. Its not looking the least bit Victorian though - more like a cottage. But that's fine with me since I usually have to consider my first attempt at anything new as my 'tester'. I see little mistakes I made - fixed some, will live with others. I can't seem to figure out photo posting here or I'd show you where I'm at. I reduced the size of my photos and once again the little box comes up telling me the file size is too big. Yet the file size is smaller than what they tell me is t
  8. Thank you for so many fine suggestions! Elsbeth, will you post photos of your 1:48-scale when you get the chance? I'd love to see what a 'custom-made' smaller scale house looks like. Mine is coming along fine but trying to customize always means I make a few mistakes. Trying to hide the wiring for the 4-light set of chip LED's was .... interesting. They had to be added before the wallpaper (to disguise the wiring) but I was up late last night trying to figure out how to hide the on/off switch and battery. So now the house is going to have to be permanently attached to the base I thread
  9. Well I omitted the back wall, am adding the second-story floor, and I eliminated the windows on the sides of the house, only to give more wall space for decorating. But then I've been using the Greenleaf pieces as 'patterns' and cutting new from basswood so I could not only eliminate those side windows but because so many pieces of the wood in the kit broke as I was trying to remove them from the boards. I never even thought of making the back wall 'hinged' though. Great idea. And the trims that came with the kit are thin plastic and I want nice wooden ones. So I'm cutting those out too.
  10. Thank you for your suggestion Lawanda. I actually have the Greenleaf Village and although the 5-building kit wasn't meant to be 'dollhouses' (they aren't open in back) I've been trying to turn the 'Victorian' house in that kit into a 1:48-scale dollhouse. But the wood pieces splinter and break really easily. I want nice detailing like in the larger dollhouse kits. But I will say that working with this Greenleaf kit is good practice.
  11. I'd like to build a 1:48-scale dollhouse (from a kit preferably) and I see that most of them online look like they've got slots and tabs all over the place. I'd like it to wind up looking like a regular dollhouse with paint and wallpaper. Oh - and it would be really nice if it wasn't so pricey. Even those slot & tab ones seem to cost a LOT. Suggestions?
  12. That 'perch' the cat is sitting on, and the corresponding flower box with birds on the other side, were the suggestion of my friend who happens to have 4 cats. I wouldn't have thought of it myself.
  13. I don't have plans on a next dollhouse. I have no room for another one. And before I take on a new 'donation' project I want to see if this Cat House does well at the Silent Auction. You just never know. Even though I only spent $3 for the kit, as you know a lot more goes into the supplies to build it. So I need to see if it makes sense. Thanks for the tip on shrinking the size of photos. I did have to shrink them all. My laptop doesn't give me the option but finally I thought to send them to my old (ancient) apple desktop computer, then added them to THAT photo program, then
  14. It IS a great cause, isn't it? We have two tiny 'rescues' (dogs) and couldn't love 'em more. The 'kit' for this house actually only cost me $3 - at one of our local thrift stores. And I knew it was going to be turned into something whimsical immediately. I had a friend who kept sending me suggestions for tiny details that I needed to remember, seeing as how SHE has cats. It was her idea to put the little 'perch' in the window of the top floor playroom to have the cat looking out at some birds in the flower box outside. And a 'cat box'. Did you see the little 'mouse cookies' cooking insi
  15. EXACTLY! I imagine there will come the day when we're no longer ALLOWED to use flip phones. But I don't look forward to that with anticipation. As it is I have to have my daughter or son do things on the computer FOR me. Like figuring out how to shrink the photos for my 'gallery' photos the other day. I had to send them to my daughter to shrink and send back. Oh well. I limp along in my antiquated ways for as long as I can. I mailed your envelope with the Royal Dream instructions this morning. The Royal Dream was my very first dollhouse and I built it about 3 years ago. And thanks to s
  16. HA! Yes that IS a Brae pillow. I already thanked her. I actually got two sets of them - the black and white and then the multi-colored ones. She's always been such an inspiration so I was happy to come across her pillows on ETSY. Thank you for all your kind thoughts.
  17. Smartphone? Ha, ha. I have the old Dumbphone - a flip phone.
  18. I'm sorry but I don't know how to do any of that sort of stuff. Wish I did tho
  19. Funny but the nasty Chihuahua came with the name 'Angel'. But our son refers to her as Satan. When we first got her she HATED our 3 granddaughters and would chase them nipping at their heels. (Never actually biting them but it was scary for them just the same). I have to wonder what made her so nasty and then to have continue to be nasty is baffling. She's not AS nasty as she used to be but honestly - ugh.
  20. We've two rescues of our own - both Chihuahuas. One is sweet as the day is long. The other ..... not so nice - ha, ha. But my husband said no one would ever take her, she'd wind up being put down. So we deal with it. She ADORES my husband and tolerates me. Oh my gosh - I forgot I used a photograph of the sweet one, Spike, here on my profile. Ain't he a cutie?
  21. cloudbound


    Thank you Beulah. You can imagine how much fun it was to make things for it. Some of the tiniest details are the ones that gave me the most joy to make too. So thanks for your compliment. Actually, if you see DanaFree's dollhouse (an homage to Mary Engelbreit) that she built for a church donation, it is what inspired me to try my hand at one.
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