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  1. New kitchen pieces. I thought my first kitchen (black & white) was just a bit 'off' with no focus on the wood and/or stone that I want throughout this house. So I just finished this new kitchen. I still need to figure out what the backsplash and wall space above the sink should be.
  2. What about trying 'repositionable poster tape'. It can be removed by gently and slowly pulling it off. But if its pulled sharply and fast, it will remove wallpaper with it....
  3. Northeastern is terrific. I ordered LOTS of wood and can't wait to see it all. Cherry strips, mahogany strips - what fun. Thanks again for all your help.
  4. Thanks for all of your suggestions. Northeastern Scale Lumbers looks to be a likely place and I'm going to ask them about their wood 'corrugated siding' because that might just be the ticket. They have it in 1/8", 3/32" 1/16" and something that says its .04 but I don't know what .04 means so I'll ask them. Wouldn't that be fun if its the same as the tiny piece I have left here? I'll let you know. But today is 'Tie Dye Day' at my daughter's school and I happen to be the one in charge so I'm going to be up to my elbows in Kindergarteners all day.
  5. Thanks again Sable. YUP - it looks like that tiny HO-scale 'corrugated' plastic sheet might be good.
  6. How funny Sable. I actually had a large sheet of this, as well as another sheet of fun super-small-scale wood and I too thought I'd never have a use for it. So I was using it for all sorts of silly things. Now it is IMPOSSIBLE to find. I was just wondering if I could find some sort of paper product that could replicate those teeny weeny grooves because I paint over it anyway. So it doesn't really need to be wood I guess. I'll have to check out the scrapbook section at the hobby store. THIS is how we learn that our dollhouse supplies need to be saved!
  7. I've been looking for the smaller scale wood siding and flooring - in particular the sheets of wood that usually come in 3" X 24" sheets. I would like it to be grooved and all that I can find in the 1/16" grooves is only sold if you buy 10 sheets of it. That's like $25 - $30 plus shipping. I only need a couple of sheets though. Any suggestions? It looks a little like 'bead and board' but I think its generally just grooved wood with either 32 or 16 grooves per inch. Fat chance finding it, enh?
  8. Mike UK often comes to mind while I'm working on this. I ask myself, "What would Mike think of this?" He has that knack for keeping the lines clean. I was working on ceiling light fixtures last night and I thought of Mike and realized I needed to back up and fix one of them that wasn't quite right. I wonder at times how he gets things so perfectly squared. The stonework is just the 'bumpy paper' (eBay seller from Greece sells it) that I used on two of my standard dollhouses and I reduced the size using my printer.
  9. Hello and welcome to the neighborhood Debbie. I happened on the Greenleaf site when I was building my first dollhouse 3 years ago. My daughter-in-law and I thought we'd save oodles of money by building our own dollhouses rather than buying them pre-built. I found an ad on craigslist for TWO dollhouses for just $50, so we each took one of the kits. Mine was not a style I particularly liked (tudor) but I looked at the entire experience as 'learning' so that I'd be ready to find my 'real' house to build later on. And it was a good learning experience. I wound up right back on the Greenleaf
  10. Fireplace and kitchen set-up done. One of the door handles on the fridge fell off while I was fiddling with the pieces. Grr... I faced the fridge with some textured black plastic I cut from a school folder but it is NOT cooperating with the glue. I still need to figure out the backsplash and wall color in the kitchen - teeny as it may be I still want it to match with the general feel of the house. This 1:48-scale house is SO much fun to work on. My Xacto knife and saw are all I need to cut the wood.
  11. I bought three sets of them so I can do a little experimenting... I don't wanna blow the house up I watched video after video this morning hoping to find ONE that dealt with dollhouse LED lighting systems. No luck. I'll put on my Dr. Frankenstein lab coat and wield my soldering gun.
  12. Thank you for the suggestion Sable. I'm going to drive to Michaels this minute to get some. This could be the answer!
  13. Well Holly - that is my INSPIRATION. I know ahead of time that I won't achieve perfection. But I hope to get the 'feel' of the modern lines and rich wood and/or stone surfaces throughout. Plus all that lighting. I even look forward to building the tiny furniture pieces. Oh - I finished the bottom floor staircase and the front door too.
  14. I've got a set of 20 really teeny Christmas lights on wire with a battery. But I will have three stories of house. Hmm... No, its not a misprint - I want loads of lights. Not that they have to be really bright but when its done I would like it to look as realistic as I can. That's part of fun & challenge - getting it to look realistic. Like MikeUK does but I want it really small. I have no room for another big dollhouse. And besides, working on the 1:48 scale is SO much easier. No going out to the garage to pull my jigsaw out for cutting wood. All the wood for 1:48-scale houses ca
  15. I'm working on a new 1:48-scale dollhouse and I'd like to have plenty of lights inside. Plus I'd like to have some 'canned lights' coming out of the ceiling in the kitchen work area. But I was worried about needing the lights in such confined and small spaces that getting the wood walls/ceilings might be dangerous. I used a 6-light set of battery-operated LED lights for a smaller 1:48-scale house and they worked fine but with this house there will be a lot more lights. I'm thinking at least a dozen, possibly even up to 16 or more with the kitchen lights. Has anyone done the larger-scale l
  16. That's funny because I didn't know what an acanthus leaf was before I watched Mary May's video either! But it works well on a chair leg I guess... I 'Googled' it after I watched her video and apparently a LOT of carvers like to carve them on chair legs... Who'da thunk?
  17. I'm always SO surprised when the wood carving works out. As you can see from the first two sets I didn't really know what I was doing. The video I watched online by Mary May was LONG but so interesting and she talks about working WITH the grain of the wood, plus shading with the deeper cuts. I'll watch that video again! She was using the acanthus leaves in her demonstration. And by the way - thank you for the compliments. Its so nice of you fellow mini lovers to appreciate seeing the work. Or should I say 'the play' that goes into some of our creations.
  18. The joke's on me - I found the identical set of carved wood chair legs on Etsy for only $4.50 for the set and only $4.50 for shipping. Ha, ha. Its the same person who's selling them on eBay for $7.50 a set. Plus I asked the Ebay seller why the high shipping charge ($17) and she wrote back thanking me for pointing it out and reduced the shipping charge to something like $4.50. Even though I've been experimenting, trying to carve my own (I have OODLES of scrap wood here) I may get a few sets of those. Here's my latest set of carved legs (with the acanthus leaves on the shoulder)
  19. Here're my first few attempts at carving the claw legs for chairs. I printed out Ferd Sobol's blog showing the steps he takes to carve the legs. This is using an Xacto knife mostly but I used the tiny sanding drill bit with my mini rotary tool plus the one of the small carbide tip bits too. The first two tried came out too fat and chunky looking. The next two tries were getting better. And the last is still getting better but not as delicate as Ferd's. Oh - I also watched a long video this morning by Mary May, a wood worker who makes regular carved legs for tables. She was showing how t
  20. Sable - thanks for cueing me in on deleting old photos! I had no idea and I had some in there from way back 3 years ago when I started my first dollhouse.
  21. I found a set of needle files for just $4 at Harbor Freight Tools and they'll be fun to experiment with. I wish I could load a photo of the finished Dragon Chair I made but I'm told I can only load about 10 kb. I can't figure out how to reduce my photo size to that. But it did turn out nice. thanks for you help again Holly.
  22. Again - thank you Holly! There's a Harbor Freight just a short distance. Its where I got my trusty mini rotary tool (for only $9) and the teeny precision drill bits (for about $10). I use my rotary tool for so many things and it's worked like a charm for a couple of years now.
  23. Well Holly that is exactly what I think I'll have to do. I saw two claw foot legs for sale on eBay for about $7 but the shipping (from Australia) was going to be $20. So today I invested in some tinier Xacto blades but I didn't even think of buying tiny files. Grr... I did try with the cabriole legs before but I was using a tiny sanding wheel and although the feet look nice, they are NOT 'claw feet'. I just made a black Chinese Dragon Chair (1:12 scale) like the one I have in my living room that was my mother's. And the 4 claw feet I had on hand worked so perfectly for that chair. But th
  24. Ha, ha - well Ferd is just a little too busy to be able to help. Not that I blame him. At least he answered my e-mail....
  25. Thank you for that Holly. I just sent an e-mail and I'll let you know if I hear back. I actually had four really lovely ones but I just used them on a chair and I want to replace them.
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