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  1. Ha ha - I just watched that trailer too. Excuse me Holly - maybe that IS a spooky movie! It didn't seem quite as scary back when I took the tour (maybe 1965) and possibly the fact that there were a lot of others with me kept it a little less ominous.
  2. I remember going to the Winchester Mystery House long ago and its not really 'creepy' - its more fascinating. I hadn't heard of the upcoming movie but I will definitely want to see it too!
  3. Here it is with the furniture and exterior railings added.
  4. Ha ha - I didn't pull the seating and planters out of my hat - Holly sent me a photo that I tried to duplicate. "Whiskers" - that's so funny and appropriate. I did give the entire thing a quick sanding after the photos was taken, painted on a dilute solution of rusty/brown paint and then added some train modelers 'clumping material' and flower soft for bits of color.
  5. You have GOT to be kidding me! I went to the annual Parking Lot Sale at The Elegant Dollhouse in May and I found the same thing - it was hard to get close enough to some tables to see what was there. And the things there were mostly used or handmade by the attendees in the area. The Sacramento area apparently has so many dollhouse/mini enthusiasts that they have more than one club. One lady that was selling tiny pots and clay items said that her club concentrates on one thing while the other clubs concentrate on others. WHOA! Can you just imagine having that many mini-lovers living close
  6. Actually I was thinking redwood too. I have a bunch of faux 'redwood' on the bottom floor exterior walls so I think having up top too would be fun. It'll take a bit of experimentation but it ought to be doable.
  7. To spray paint or not... Do you think I should spray paint the seating set or just give it a coat of clear sealer and leave it the natural wood color?
  8. Did you wind up going to the Good Sam Show? If so, how was it? Have you been to a dollhouse/miniatures show before?
  9. Did you wind up going to the Good Sam Show? If so, how was it? Have you been to a dollhouse/miniatures show before?
  10. Holly - earlier this evening I was thinking of what trouble I'd be in if you lived next door to me because I love all of your ideas! Sometimes it takes someone looking from the 'outside' to see details that you don't think of. Like the landscaping. I can't wait to get to that. I'm not worrying about the itsy bitsy things like dishes on a table or slippers on the floor. Maybe those things will come later.
  11. Well I am being given all sorts of brilliant ideas from ... Havanaholly! I'm working on the upper-floor exterior railings today and a cover for some seating up top. Holly just mentioned plants in planters and that's another super idea. I'll have to build some. She's keeping me busy! Keep 'em coming Holly!
  12. Thank you Patti. I was amazed at how easily the little tea light could be taken apart. I was able to just lift the light off the little pier it sat on and cut that down, then removed the tall plastic 'flame' to also lower the whole set-up. Then I just reset that light in place and that was SO easy. Now I have the little on/off switch under the bowl (which is a little disposable ketchup bowl from Carl's Jr). I cut a hole in the bottom of the cleaned ketchup container and then heated it in the oven (at 300 degrees) on some aluminum foil till it began to get soft, so I gently pushed down on
  13. Hmm I was just laying in bed last night trying to figure out what kind of furniture would work best. I think the strip wood furniture would be nice. Scale-wise my fire bowl turned out taller than I might've liked but to build the battery and on/off switch into it I had to go with the taller version. I'll give the strip wood furniture a try today and thanks for the suggestion Holly.
  14. You suggested a fire bowl and I discombobulated a little tea light to cut it down and here's my fire bowl. What's funny is that it flickers - which I didn't realize at first. And I got the roof finished by spraying some of the bumpy 'stone' paint onto some poster board and gluing it onto the top.
  15. cloudbound


    So... are things going better for you now and did you figure out what the 'fill strip' is? I've had to stop and just walk away a few times myself. What you do NOT want is to have the joy escape you. And so much of that joy is in the construction (once it gets back on track). Please share more photos when you can.
  16. Thanks Sable. Mike's wall would've all be 'square' but I just couldn't manage to get it right with everything teetering when I glued ceilings on. But that's okay - I am liking the general look of the house.
  17. I don't have even one of those single battery-operated LED lights. Can you believe it? But I found a little battery-operated 'tea light' in amongst my Halloween decorations. Hmm... Possibly I can build a fire pit of chimnea that this could just slide up into... The flame's pretty tall though. Some experimentation is on my docket.
  18. Brilliant! Maybe I can figure out how to use one of those battery-operated standard dollhouse lights so that I could easily turn it on and off manually. I think I might have one of those in my stash and I'll experiment with it. I love those chimneas! That will be oodles of fun to try today! Thank you again for your ideas Holly!
  19. That would've been a super thing to add Holly but its too late now. All of the wiring runs along chiseled paths in the floors and they're covered up now. I wish I'd thought of that though! I wanted to have some unique features and that would've been so fun to see. But now that you mention it I will build some patio furniture and that should be fun. Darn - the fire bowl would've been spectacular! I have some furniture built and I got the cutest mini dining set on the website Shapeways that I plan to use too.
  20. wow - photographing without the sun shining in my window works out much better...
  21. No fixing the issue. Grrr..... I probably could've if I'd taken all the lights out of the board to kind of start over with that ceiling. But I was just SO exasperated. Hmm... I wonder if maybe there might be some way to improvise though.
  22. Hi Carrie. Nice to hear from you. I completely BLEW IT with the floor-to-ceiling sliding plexiglass doors I had planned for the bottom floor. And I spent HOURS building those tracks that they'd run in which I installed on the base and then along the top edge of the second floor - to match up. I WISH! I realized I'd glued the top one in wrong but I discovered it before I'd drilled all the holes for the lights to come through so I DUG that track out and imagine my delight when I was able to do it without destroying the tracks. So I re-installed them and went along with everything - only to
  23. Here are some photos of the 'modern 1:48-scale house I've been working on - the one with oodles of the tiny LED lights. Its not quite done. I still have to figure out what sort of roof finish and then add the final exterior trims. This house will eventually have floor-to-ceiling plexiglass panels that will fill in between the walls on one side of the house. I finished some tiny easy chairs and sofas today and got two beds dressed.
  24. GENIUS Holly. What fun too. I can't wait to get to the paint store!
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