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  1. Hi there Amylynn, So have you started on your big Duracraft FH500 yet? That kit is probably REALLY like 'starting from scratch'. Lots of Duracraft (if not ALL of them) have you even glue together the slats for walls. Its so nice to hear that you seem to be really enjoying getting into the hobby and so far the work you did on the smaller dollhouse looks wonderful. And I agree with Mid-life Madness - those built-in cabinets was a super idea. They turned out so nice! I have a Real Good Toys 'Bellingham' (two of them actually - I kinda fell in love with that model) that looks very similar t
  2. Thank you Holly. Yes - that wadded-up paper underneath the paper mache is a great idea. YEARS ago I did some pinatas using paper mache and so maybe it'll be fun.
  3. That'd be fine. Carson City is just about a 20-minute drive from Reno and we live in the northernmost part of Carson City (closest to Reno). Just in case someone else is interested in it, will you let me know as soon as you find out if he will be coming?
  4. If it was in quarter scale then I'd be loving it. But its just too big. This'd probably be the time to take some measurements and scale'em down enh?
  5. I received a partially-constructed dollhouse along with some other things from a craigslist ad. If anyone wants it they're welcome to it but they'd have to come pick it up. I live in Carson City, Nevada so I realize the chances are slim but thought I'd offer it here first. It appears to be this one plus there is an extra unattached room too.
  6. What great suggestions. This is going to be a lot more challenging since there doesn't seem to be any 'kit' out there that will make a nice big tree stump dollhouse. Those cottages sure have the 'feel' I'm looking for just not big enough. I'd like to wind up with more rooms. So the search goes on. I'm figuring that Holly's idea of the oatmeal box will be a direction I go in. Spreading it open and adding paper mache? I want it to look sweet but gnarly too.
  7. I'm trying to find a quarter-scale tree trunk house that would be suitable for my tiny Peter Rabbit furniture. Does anyone know of a kit for that?
  8. Hello Kathy. Did you ever hear back from the craigslist post? I don't think many craigslisters are agreeable to shipping but I figure it was worth a try.
  9. Kathi - this is SO funny because you are the first person that came to my mind when I saw this listing. Let me see if I can figure out how to attach that. Its gonna take me a while... ha, ha. Be right back. https://sacramento.craigslist.org/art/d/ornate-dollhouse-extras/6605691825.html Yee Haw - see if this comes through.
  10. Sorry I forgot to add I found them listed under 'dollhouse' in my search.
  11. There is a craigslist ad I saw this morning in the Sacramento, CA area with a lot of fancy resin trim pieces all for an EXTREMELY low price. I don't know if this person would be willing to ship them but it would certainly be worth someone's time to ask..
  12. SO SO DARLING! What a wonderful piece of art. The paint is so important too. Love it!
  13. Not many people come into my sewing/craft room but it must be almost laughable to others because we mini lovers collect the oddest things, thinking one day it might come in handy in some way. Plastic from milk bottles, cardboard cereal boxes, caps to bottles. My entire window sill above my two work desks is lined with containers of toothpicks, wood bits, wire pieces, used condiment cups (cleaned of course), etc. And I have the folders of different papers, printed flooring, photos. Its always fun to sit and look through the folders again when I'm trying to organize or rearrange.
  14. I haven't built that many houses but I HAVE had to get back into those boxes later on for one reason or another. I remember the first time I found myself looking through the first dollhouse box a couple of years later and I felt this WASH of relief that everything was right there. Those boxes take up very little room in the closet too. I label the outside of the boxes and I keep their 'folders' right inside. But you know what I wish was easier - having 'inspiration' folders that had bigger pockets because I seem to want to add so many odd things for inspiration. Do you find that too?
  15. Super idea Linda. I also keep one of the large 'flat rate' shipping boxes (the tall kind) for each build so that when I'm done I can set the leftovers of wallpapers, maybe some of the painted trim, instructions, a few shingles - anything bulky that doesn't fit into the folder. Every once in a while I find I need a 'touch up' of something and I can go right to that box and know the supplies in there will 'match'. I think keeping things organized is actually part of the fun.
  16. Yes, hobby stores that carry dollhouse-related things these days are few and far between. Michaels used to carry some but no longer. I would highly recommend the House of Miniature furniture kits because they're fun to put together, the pieces fit together perfectly (usually), plus its really good insight into possibly trying your own creations later on. You can find the kits at swap meets and eBay fairly reasonable priced a lot of the time. Miniatures.com is also one of my favorite catalog shops to peruse and just as Karin mentioned (Wyked Wood?) I too used to look at the catalog for insp
  17. Good Sunday morning Kathy. Let me welcome you too and how nice that you found this site that will become one of your 'new best friends' throughout your build. I happened on the site almost 4 years ago when I was trying to add electricity to my very first dollhouse and hit a rough spot. You will always find an answer and encouragement here. How exciting - a 'first build'. Throughout your build you will find areas that are of particular interest to you, opening up all sorts of new adventures. I found a good-quality wood glue was great for joining walls but with wood glue you have to be car
  18. I found the entire story of the Winchester house was fascinating. If certain members of my OWN family had the funds, no doubt they'd have spent it on things equally as bizarre. Well hey - don't you know that our relatives might be mentioning their wacky aunts and uncles who built dollhouses? Spirits in Los Gatos enh? I'd kind of like to hear more about that too,
  19. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area (Palo Alto and Santa Cruz) but its been a long time since I lived there. Its so coincidental that the Winchester Mystery House was brought up and you actually visited there when you were there for the Good Sam Show. I'd forgotten all about the Winchester Mystery House. Did you find things were really expensive at the Good Sam Show? Is it really big?
  20. Do you think it would be fun if some of us Greenleafers could meet up at Good Sam?
  21. You gals are going to be kept awake at night with visions of these things going round and round in your head. Do be sure to take lots of photos as you begin construction !! This sounds like such fun.
  22. Just imagine what it must've been like before the 1906 earthquake that took the top 3 floors. I've heard that when times were tough some people who'd had 3- and 4-story homes closed off the top floors and even removed some of them.
  23. And ya might want to consider doing it in a slightly smaller scale...
  24. Well I have a few dollhouses that have no stairs whatsoever - just because to me they took up too much room in a small space. But there Miss Winchester went and put stairs leading to nothing. And doors that also didn't open up to anything. I think there may have even been a brick wall behind a door.
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