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  1. I was just thinking - if this is your first dollhouse kit that you're building you might want to pay attention to the suggestions the other 'pros' on Greenleaf can give you.  When I was brand new, building my very first dollhouse from a kit about 4 years ago, I happened on the Greenleaf site when I got stumped with adding lighting.  And a few different members had great suggestions for me.  But one of the most important is NOT to use hot glue.  I would've loved to be able to use it but I'm glad I listened to their warnings.  From what I've heard the ONLY thing that hot glue works fine on is the shingles.  Have blue painter's tape handy - you're going to need lots of it.  I can remember my 'construction zone' (the formal dining room) with blue painters tape hanging from the blinds so I could grab pieces of it easily.  

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  2.   Hi and welcome to this mini insanity!  You're going to have SO much fun!  I built the furniture to go in this and it was 1:12 scale.  But as you'll see the house doesn't have a lot of room in it and I think its a great idea to see if your 1:16-scale pieces would work.  I don't have that house anymore but let me go shove a few pieces of my own 1:16-scale pieces into one of my 1:12 houses to see..  Well the windows would wind up being a little bit too high but you can camouflage that with draperies.  BUT.. the doors!  I'm thinking that they're so tall that it might look funny.  But hey - if you haven't invested in the 1:12-scale furniture already, I'd give using the 1:16-scale a try.  I LOVE the 1:16 scale. And its hard to find pieces in that scale that aren't plastic..  So to answer your question I did go with 1:12 scale.  I hope this will be a grand adventure for you.  Please contact me if you need help.  Wish you lived 'around the corner'...  Pat

  3. So... are things going better for you now and did you figure out what the 'fill strip' is?  I've had to stop and just walk away a few times myself.  What you do NOT want is to have the joy escape you.  And so much of that joy is in the construction (once it gets back on track). Please share more photos when you can.   

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  4. It IS a great cause, isn't it?  We have two tiny 'rescues' (dogs) and couldn't love 'em more.  The 'kit' for this house actually only cost me $3 - at one of our local thrift stores.  And I knew it was going to be turned into something whimsical immediately.  I had a friend who kept sending me suggestions for tiny details that I needed to remember, seeing as how SHE has cats.  It was her idea to put the little 'perch' in the window of the top floor playroom to have the cat looking out at some birds in the flower box outside.  And a 'cat box'.  Did you see the little 'mouse cookies' cooking inside the oven?  And I've watched enough 'Fixer Upper' on HGTV to know I simply HAD to have a kitchen island!  Ha!  I'm glad you liked the house.  I had a great time making everything!

  5. HA!  Yes that IS a Brae pillow.  I already thanked her.  I actually got two sets of them - the black and white and then the multi-colored ones.  She's always been such an inspiration so I was happy to come across her pillows on ETSY.  Thank you for all your kind thoughts.  

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  6. Thank you Beulah.  You can imagine how much fun it was to make things for it.  Some of the tiniest details are the ones that gave me the most joy to make too.  So thanks for your compliment.  Actually, if you see DanaFree's dollhouse (an homage to Mary Engelbreit) that she built for a church donation, it is what inspired me to try my hand at one.  

  7. Hey - I was wondering - I know you've already finished your wonderful tree but would you like me to send you a Sage Brush branch?  I was out in the vacant lot yesterday and picked a few nicely-formed branches.  Until I started cutting them I'd forgotten that they actually DID smell like fragrant sage flowers even though there are no flowers ON them right now.  So that's why my trees still smell so wonderful. 

      When I got mine I let them dry out pretty much and jostled them around to get the loose leaves to fall off.  THEN I sprayed it with a few coats of sealer and then used hair spray as glue to attach the green landscaping medium from Hobby Lobby.  So my trees still have some real leaves but are filled in with the phony stuff. 

      But one tree might be all you need.  And as I mentioned before, yours is probably going to be much sturdier in the long run.  If someone knocks mine, there's a good chance little stuff will get knocked off.

  8. How funny that tutorials would say to use Sage Brush.  It happens to grow all OVER the place around us so it was readily available.  Every day I eyeball one empty lot that's been taken over by the sage bushes, looking to see the perfect tiny 'tree' shapes.  Ha, ha. 

      What is a 'wind home'?


  9. Sorry my camera takes such bad photos.  The hummingbird feeder went with my first dollhouse when I sold it last year.  But I kept the bird feeder.  I just used a bit of sand for the bird 'seed' inside the straw and poked lengths of green florist wire through to look like the bird perches.

  10. DSCF0089.JPG.3b6fb909308fc8b65c7592ce0a456fb0e00178c7_LAPTOP-5.25.15birdfeeders.How funny that tutorials would say to use Sage Brush.  It happens to grow all OVER the place around us so it was readily available.  Every day I eyeball one empty lot that's been taken over by it looking to see the perfect tiny 'tree' shapes.  Ha, ha. 




  11. Oooh m'gosh.  I might have seen the same bird feeder and hummingbird feeder tutorial on youtube.  Lucky thing for me I save all sorts of odds and ends so I had the clear drinking straw and some Sculpey clay.  It was SO much fun.  Making the teeny weeny hummingbird was hard, even with my 'cheater' reading glasses to magnify it.  But they both came out really nice. 

      Now I want to sneak over to Hobby Lobby (30 minutes away in Reno, NV) and find one of those greenery stems to play with.  I already have a nice tree (made from dried out Sage Brush limb) but yours is going to be somewhat indestructible.  You know what is kind of neat about my Sage Brush tree - even after one whole year it still gives off the wonderful aroma of Sage flowers.  Not everyone would appreciate it but I love it.  There weren't any flowers ON it when I got it but somehow it smells like flowers now.  I was trying to imitate one of my favorite trees in this area - the Purple Robe Locust like the one in our yard.  It gets long recimes of purplish pink flowers in the spring.

    LAPTOP - 5.22.15 Purple Robe Locust 2.JPG

    LAPTOP - WIN_20150522_042451.JPG

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  12.   So the leaves were already ON the tree when you bought it at Hobby Lobby and you cut the branches (with leaves) off to paint the leaves the color you wanted.  Then reattached them?  I love that your tree is actually to scale.  I've only seen tiny ones at Hobby Lobby but I was looking in the 'model' area where they sell landscaping things for train sets. Although all of those teeny trees are nice - they're way too small.  Was your tree from the dollhouse department, the model train landscaping department, or over in the phony flowers area and there are 'greenery' for flower arrangements?

  13. Isn't it wonderful to entertain ourselves on a TINY scale?  Paper, craft paint, wire, glue....  doesn't take much either.  I'm just getting back into my paper and Dollar Store flowers/plants.  Anyone would think I'm nuts for buying the faux flowers only to get the green fabric leaves to cut up for my dollhouse plants. 

      I don't know HOW to macramé but I found that by just twisting crochet yarn/thread its a pretty good likeness to the real thing. 




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  14. I found them on Miniatures.com's website (and in their catalog too).  The set (fridge, sink and stove) were on sale for $49 (its still on sale in my latest catalog) plus I bought it with a 20% off coupon that was on the back of the catalog.  I made the red hood for the stove and a corner base cabinet to give a wee bit more counter space.  I don't know how to attach links or I'd send you miniatures.com's link. 

  15. The only room I did NOT use the faux suede in is the bathroom - that floor is covered with an upholstery fabric that I had on hand.  I know there's a crease in it that I need to fix (probably by tossing it in the dryer for a few minutes.  I was just anxious to see everything set inside.

      That faux suede is a high-quality one and what's interesting is that it tends to kind of 'stick' to the floors underneath without even using the double-sided tape on the edges.  Kind of bizarre that it won't move all on its own (although I did put the double-sided tape underneath all of it.

      I have to use flooring that can come up since I've laid all the copper tape lines across the floors. 

      The flooring in the kitchen is another upholstery fabric that I had on hand but I actually kind of like the pattern to it.

      Thanks for looking at it.


  16. I pretty much knew that most people weren't going to like the natural wood walls since most of us try to cover it all up with paint, texture, wallpaper.  But I happen to really like natural wood.  And yet since I knew I wanted it well lit and the copper tape was going to run across floors I didn't do wood floors - I just 'carpeted' most of it with Faux Suede fabric from my local fabric store. 

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