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  1. On 9/14/2020 at 9:43 AM, Cat Mom said:

    I have a lot of 1/4 furniture kits and some already done.  Mostly all in original packing. I want to stick with 1/2 as I just finished a 1/2 Buttercup and want to get rid of the 1/4.  Am willing to pay shipping so as not to make it hard for someone to get the stuff. Just need to eliminate it so I have room for 1/2 stuff.  Any interest?  

    I'd LOVE to have any 1:48 scale kits you have.  IF you still have them.  I'd be HAPPY to pay for the shipping too.  Pat

  2. That's a very cute dollhouse Tillie.  Sweet pastel colors.  The style reminds me of the Nevada Cat House I did for the Humane Society's 'Silent Auction' a few years ago.  I'd come across a sturdy dollhouse kit at a local thrift store and even though I didn't really want another big dollhouse, with a price of something like $50 for it I couldn't pass it up.  It was a fun build and I got to make tons of special furniture pieces with cat themes for it.  SO MUCH FUN.  The trouble with dollhouses is you run out of ROOM!  :cry:





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  3. Well when our kids shove us into old folks homes we'll be content trying to make minis out of what others see as junk.  I honestly do think that seeing treasures in the trash is a joy and most people don't take the time or have the interest in it.  How lucky are we?!

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  4. That's a grand idea.  This way you can open the whole thing up to admire all the tiny details inside the store.  Don't you find that part of the delight is remembering how fun it was to MAKE all of the tiny extras - the things that most people's eyes don't even catch?  This morning I was trying to figure out how to make some Christmas-themed bakery boxes, first checking out eBay to maybe purchase them.  Nah - they charge a LOT for just two tiny boxes.  So I can't wait to experiment making my own today.  And years from now looking at them will bring a smile.  

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  5. Oh my gosh - who'da thunk'a that!!!  They're so perfect!  Where do you display your houses and room boxes Tillie?  I'm JUST starting on my Christmas Bake Shop and as big as the room box I have is, I wish I would have room for even more!  I'm using one of those 'Street Of Shops' rooms boxes for the shop but I'm thinking I might need to cut an opening in the side and build another shop (the smaller of the three shops) right next to it for seating and MORE STUFF...

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  6. Thanks for asking Holly.  The little fruits in the fruit bowl (on the buffet in dining area) are made from Sculpey clay and what I hoped would look like the grapes are just micro beads glued to some thread.  The 'sunflowers' in the planter on the side of the building are actually dried flowers from some 'volunteer' plants I was yanking out as I was cleaning the yard outside.  I was going to toss them into the garbage can when I realized they looked sort of like little sunflowers!  They were dried out and brown by this point but a little craft paint was all it took.  What are supposed to look like hollyhocks and other bulbs are just 'flower soft' (homemade from some instructions I found here years ago - using crunched-up foam from the Dollar Store) and micro beads glued to painted wire.  This is the BEST place to learn quick tricks!  

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  7.   Finished the little things to complete the Hippie House - doodahs and geegaws that I usually forget.  The little bicycles on the porch are actually 'embellishments' by the Jesse James 'Dress it Up' line.  







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  8. Holly - I've been looking for a chair 'kit' that would make a chair like this with all that rich wood carving but I can't find one.  Have you ever seen a 'kit' for one?  I see the House Of Miniatures kit for a nice chair but it doesn't have that beautiful carving.  

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  9. That candle holder is so perfect.  You could print out some fun fabric to cover a chair and maybe even footstool with.  You're going to have so much fun collecting all the bits and pieces for this.  The 'hunt' is part of the fun!

    blue white chair.jpg

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  10. I got to see the ceiling Dale Chihuly had made in a casino hotel in Las Vegas.  It was just so unbelievable. So when I saw the tutorial here (6 or 7 years ago) I just HAD to try it.  Thanks to all of you for appreciating the house. 

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  11. I just completed (almost - a few tiny details are still missing) my colorful version of a Hippie House in 1:48 scale.   You may notice my attempt at making a 'Chihuly Ceiling Light Fixture' in the master bedroom thanks to the little tutorial I watched here years ago.  











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  12. Hi there Amylynn,  So have you started on your big Duracraft FH500 yet?  That kit is probably REALLY like 'starting from scratch'.  Lots of Duracraft (if not ALL of them) have you even glue together the slats for walls.  Its so nice to hear that you seem to be really enjoying getting into the hobby and so far the work you did on the smaller dollhouse looks wonderful.  And I agree with Mid-life Madness - those built-in cabinets was a super idea.  They turned out so nice!  I have a Real Good Toys 'Bellingham' (two of them actually - I kinda fell in love with that model) that looks very similar to your Duracraft farmhouse. Please post photos as you move along with construction.  I remember when I was busy building (in my formal dining room which turned into my 'construction zone') there would be big strips of blue painter's tape stuck to the blinds where I could grab them quickly.  And all sorts of bottles and jugs within arm's length to use as wedges.  Funny you mentioned the challenge of learning how to 'wire' your fixer-upper.  Wiring is the first challenge I faced with my first dollhouse too and that's how I wound up finding this wonderful group on Greenleaf.  I would highly recommend that you find one of those head-mounted flashlights and invest in one of those 'Brad Insertion Tools'.  I didn't even know about that tool on my first go-around with wiring.  I don't know how many tiny brass brads wound up on my carpet that time!  I found that I could not only hold those tiny brads in place but I could actually use my hammer to pound them down into the wood far enough so they'd take hold.  Then slide that tool out to give the brad another good rap or two.  Greenleaf shows you what that tool looks like on their wiring instruction page.  I also found that a bulletin board push-pin is handy to keep on hand for those places where the punch is a bit too long.  Are you planning on using the tape wire or round wire?  I haven't used the round wire method and I wonder if its easier?  

       Well its good to hear you're enjoying your journey.  Best wishes to you, Pat from Carson City.

  13. That'd be fine.  Carson City is just about a 20-minute drive from Reno and we live in the northernmost part of Carson City (closest to Reno).  Just in case someone else is interested in it, will you let me know as soon as you find out if he will be coming?  

  14. I received a partially-constructed dollhouse along with some other things from a craigslist ad.  If anyone wants it they're welcome to it but they'd have to come pick it up.  I live in Carson City, Nevada so I realize the chances are slim but thought I'd offer it here first.  It appears to be this one plus there is an extra unattached room too.


    adobe dollhouse.jpg

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