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  1. Mimajo

    Happy Christmas

    Thanks Mike, it’s been awhile. Merry Christmas to everyone! Jo
  2. Hi, Been awhile since I have been on here. Lots happened on the last year. Anyway, I had found a great tutorial for installing crown moulding, how to miter corners, etc. of course now I can’t find it. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. There is a door to the closet. It is on sheet 6.
  4. Hi, I bought this set from miniatures.com and cut it to fit my kitchen: http://www.miniatures.com/Modern-White-and-Stainless-Kitchen-Set-P19663.aspx There is a picture in My First Build album.
  5. It's kinda like a virus. Once bitten by the bug, there really is no cure. Have fun.
  6. It looks great! I haven't rehabbed yet, but I do have a house waiting to be done. Hope I do as good a job as you did.
  7. Had the same exact problem 3 times on the same house! I hope you have better luck, I gave up and went battery powered. Intend to try again on my next project.
  8. Happy Birthday and congratulations! Grandkids are the best!
  9. I am not really wanting to add things up. I'm afraid I will have a heart attack! But most definitely the first is the worst, because you most likely don't have any of the tools you need. I most likely don't need anymore tools.....oh wait.....maybe there is something. LOL
  10. Yes, in the description online it says "wood to make mullions". No notches though, that should be fun, lol.
  11. Thank you. In the package is the assembled window, 4 pieces of inside trim, and six long very thin pieces that I have no idea what to do with. Any idea?
  12. Just received my Houseworks working windows for my Tailor Shop. No installation directions! This is my first time with windows that didn't come with the dollhouse. Help, how do they get installed? Especially how does the top window stay in place? These are slipping to the bottom.
  13. Been there! Lol. I am making a replica of my grandfathers tailor shop in Brooklyn. He opened it in the 40s and had it until his retirement 20 yrs later. Been collecting memories of the layout from my Dad and cousin. My memories are from the viewpoint of a 7/8 yr old. So not real clear.
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