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  1. Oh, this thread is perfect timing for me. I needed the validation! I was just thinking yesterday morning as I looked at our present mini-mini project that the planning takes longer than the execution. I thought, "Why am I putting myself through this voluntary, consuming, visualizing, time eating experience?" No answer, except somehow it satisfies me.
  2. Nice job! I see it appears you nip the corners too. I did those with sandpaper following Brae's instructions. Trimming the corners really make a difference in how they look.
  3. I love it, Roxy. You balanced your colors and patterns perfectly.
  4. suej


    http://studioeminiatures.blogspot.com/search/label/gutters%20and%20downspouts This is one of my favorite blogs.
  5. Mary, welcome!! I live in Killen and work in Florence. I still work full-time and love to help out with my young grandchildren so I don't have as much time (yet) as I would like to work on this miniature passion. I've built two houses, tab and slot Greenlearf/Corona kits, over the last two years and this weekend just started my third, the Orchid, with my 13 year old granddaughter. I haven't worked with the RGT houses. This site is amazing as it unites people globally due to a common love of miniatures. I hope you enjoy learning and getting to know everyone as much as I have.
  6. Linda, would you mind sharing the order/technique you used to get your SMOOTH walls on the Orchid?
  7. suej


    Thank you! I didn't even realize there was a post here until I was stalking your page to read over your Orchid build. :-))) I am so envious of your smooth walls, floors, and the serenity you achieved. Very classy!
  8. suej


    Thank y'all! Feels so great to get a comment anytime, but especially a couple of years later:-)))
  9. Excellent idea! I will add the moisture using this method.
  10. Linda, would you spray the entire board or just the portion that has a problem? The problem makes up at least 2/3rds of the board.
  11. We began the Orchid build over the weekend and dry fit. The second floor is very warped!! I just can't figure out how we can keep the house intact while the glue sets. I've read that the glue will straighten the floor, however the floor is in no shape to be forced into position so it can be glued. Tape is not holding it for sure. This warp keeps the second floor popped out of the tabs. I've covered it with HEAVY materials, on a flat surface, with only minimal result. Can I spray water on the piece, and cover it again, and leave several days? And if so, would I put it on the inner side of the warp or the outer, visualizing a semicircle? I think there have been much worse dealt with by members here. This is just my first encounter, and I could use some direction.
  12. Well, finally getting started several months later than I had planned. My granddaughter, Hannah, and I got all our supplies organized and opened the Orchid box Saturday, April 9. This will be her house. She checked off the diagram sheets, punched and labeled her parts and asked interesting questions regarding the architectural terms. We don't plan on using the gingerbread so that helped with the punch out! We got started on making our first batch of books too. Hannah just turned 13 in February and is delightful, hardheaded, and a risk taker (which gets her in trouble sometimes:-)) I'm looking forward to this adventure with her. Yesterday afternoon we dry fit the house and began pulling out some furniture she could paint and refresh that might work with the small Orchid footprint. She is working through her vision, and I want to try really hard to let it be her vision and not mine. We will use this thread as our progress journal. Hannah began a notebook as well. It's amazing what I've already forgotten with regard to the order of preparing the build. I'm apprehensive. Shhhh, I can't let Hannah know that. This is going to be a slow journey between school, sports, family, summer yard work, and my job.
  13. suej

    Attic, 3/15

    You are creating a great little personality for this house. I love the 'feeling' it presents.
  14. suej


    We used this one for a long time until one day plugging it in sent FLAMES out of the cord.
  15. This quote speaks so loudly to me. "To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong." Joseph C. Pearce Credit also to our member, Rebecca, User name Shareb. I first saw it posted on her FB page.
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