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  1. Nice job! I see it appears you nip the corners too. I did those with sandpaper following Brae's instructions. Trimming the corners really make a difference in how they look.
  2. Linda, would you mind sharing the order/technique you used to get your SMOOTH walls on the Orchid?
  3. suej


    Thank you! I didn't even realize there was a post here until I was stalking your page to read over your Orchid build. :-))) I am so envious of your smooth walls, floors, and the serenity you achieved. Very classy!
  4. suej


    Thank y'all! Feels so great to get a comment anytime, but especially a couple of years later:-)))
  5. suej

    Attic, 3/15

    You are creating a great little personality for this house. I love the 'feeling' it presents.
  6. suej


    We used this one for a long time until one day plugging it in sent FLAMES out of the cord.
  7. suej

    Copper Urn

    Cleaning out for a garage sale and came across this very old Copper Urn. Was about to toss, but I love anything copper and couldn't bring myself to throw it away. I thought I might be able to re-purpose it into something I would enjoy keeping.
  8. Thank you!!! I just printed this out for my "how to" file.
  9. How great to have a miniature buddy close enough to play with! Deb, I love the piping on the ottoman..if I may ask, what do you use?
  10. Your work on this entire project, house and furnishings, looks flawless.
  11. Kathie, I would think the city's liability insurance company would be mighty displeased about this situation as well. It's an accident waiting to happen along with, as Gayle says, being a public health hazard. Seems like public media is the best way to get action. Maybe a dumb question but do they have a Facebook page? We also have a monthly city council meeting that is open to the public in my town for this type of thing. Sometimes the attendees get drug out:-)))), but it is effective.
  12. Thanks so much. I havent seen thin plywood like that at HL and we don't have an AC Moore. I have been studying some tutorials using mat board. Love the theme of your trailer; really nostalgic.
  13. This looks great! Where did you find your thin plywood?
  14. suej

    Updated loft 3

    Deb, do you sell tickets?:-))) It's wonderful to have this special designated space, definitely qualifies for a "happy place". It is neat to see the smaller houses sitting beside the larger ones and get an idea of size comparison.
  15. suej


    It looks so elegant. I especially love how you finished the staircase, the stain color and detailing. And I just noticed the beads. You definitely gave 'personality' to a hallway.
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