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    Crafting of all kinds, but especially needle felting, sculpture, creature design, doll customization, and miniature painting.

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  1. What a great color! That would look amazing on a roof, to say nothing of smaller fixtures and details!
  2. That would look fantastic! Makes me wonder about embroidering little flourishes or a tiny crest on the center back of a chair.....
  3. Thanks for all the tips, guys! I've got two different scenes in mind for the pieces I picked out. I think I'll be doing the rustic old-timey kitchen first with a nice dark grey-toned walnut stain, but for the others I want to go in the exact opposite direction. I'm thinking painted gold wood and a silky purple upholstery would pump up the opulence of the Chippendale pieces a bit!
  4. I LOVE needle felting--I haven't done any miniature animals with it, but it's probably my 'primary craft' since it's the main technique I use on my art dolls. I can't recommend leather thimbles enough. They don't feel as stiff and clumsy as metal, but they protect your fingertips like nothing else can! It's especially important when you're working on something extra tiny, since there are some parts you have no choice but to aim the needle towards your hand on. Take it slow and be careful, and I'm sure you'll find needle felting to be a lot of fun!
  5. Wow, what an amazing house! I love the color choices, and the lighting sets a perfect mood. Can't wait to see more!
  6. Thanks again for the warm welcome, guys! I don't have the materials together to get started on my roombox, but I did order some House of Miniatures furniture kits to play with today! Moth (the tiny doll) has to have somewhere to sit and oversee construction, after all!
  7. Those look beautiful! Thanks for taking the time to share some photos, I love the variety of treatments. I haven't decided exactly what direction to take my set, so it's great to see some concepts for what can be done!
  8. Hi everybody! I'm eager to get started on my first roombox, but I just love tiny furniture and I was tempted into buying a few House of Miniatures kits off Etsy this morning in preparation! I don't have them in hand yet, so I don't know what the parts and instructions will look like, but I've seen a lot of finished kits and I know how lovely they can be. The two multi-kit listings I grabbed include a couple of different chairs, a couch, a chest, and a lowboy--those are going to be some fiddly little bits and pieces! Does anyone have any favorite tips or tricks for finishing and assembling these kits? I can see they'l need staining, but will I need to keep an eye out for alterations or does everything tend to fit pretty snugly? Do you have a sneaky way to make sure the finished piece is sturdy? Since I've done some modding and painting with gaming miniatures before, I'm generally too paranoid to glue anything together without also pinning, but surely wood takes glue better than metal! Any help is greatly appreciated
  9. I love the moss on that one! I dream of the day I have the space to design a really big multi-part treehouse, since something like that was my favorite thing to play with as a kid. My best friend and I built a tree out of styrofoam, and a mix of Playmobil kids and wolves lived in it. A grownup version of that would be a dream come true!
  10. What a great idea! I never think about using press-molds, since I also do silicone and resin casting, but this looks like a LOT less hassle for a great result!
  11. Thanks, everybody! What a welcoming community I've spent my down time today checking out the member galleries, and I have to say, I'm really loving a lot of the Aster Cottage kits.... That fireplace is just amazing! Even if I can't fit the whole house into my life right now, I'm gonna have to try my hand at a fireplace like that one.
  12. Thank you both for the warm welcome! I can't wait to get started. Dalesq - I would love to build a little cottage type of house, especially with a little extra attic space! Unfortunately, I live in a sort of person-sized room box myself, and because of that I have a strict 13" cube limit on the exterior of anything I build. I have yet to find a kit quite that petite, and I worry that adding exterior detail would cut down the interior size too much. Someday, though, I hope to live somewhere with a bit more space where I can build and play to my heart's content!
  13. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums because I'm also new to miniatures. I think I'm coming at it a bit backwards, since most people I see seem to start with a house, then furnish it, and then (sometimes) add dolls as a finishing touch. I'm starting with a lovely little 1/12th doll and planning to slowly build up a place for her to live! I participate in a lot (*cough* too many!) of crafting-based hobbies, so I do have some experience with painting and making that I hope will help me get started, but I also don't have a lot of free time on my hands so I expect to go slow. Right now I'm working full time at a regular job, working 10-15 hours a week making resin and felt creatures to sell, and spending what time I have left painting gaming minis and larger dolls as well as learning crochet and embroidery. I probably have a bit too much on my plate, but I've always had a fascination with dollhouses and even though I have to start with a room box due to limited apartment space I think the time is right to get into it properly! So, anyways, hello! I'm excited to poke around the forums and gaze in awe at everyone's lovely work, and I hope you guys don't mind a few questions about the process as I learn.
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