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  1. Sithiche


    I guess yes as the wire is round, I just used one of my pliers and pressed it so the it got a flat surface on both sides
  2. Sithiche


    ps. important... use varnish that is "high-quality", durable and uv-resistent
  3. Sithiche


    here I found something that may help you... http://www.violtan.com/color/ind_brands.php?Lang=EN&Oper=SelPaints&BrandID=HLW&CategID=&FirmID=CKG you paint with these colors on a plastic sheet... then once it is dry you peel it off, then you put it on a window (for example) what I mean is to use a plastic where the varnish can be peeled off again after it has dried ps but don't use these colors for the leaded windows... just the plastic
  4. Sithiche


    You are very welcome . Maybe one day I need your help with something... right now I have no clue how and where I will add the wires for my lamps lol...
  5. Sithiche


    yes Selkie the varnish creates the film itself, it is like glue so holds everything together and when dry it is clear and after you remove it from the foil it looks like real old leaded window glass... after some days you can touch it and it stays like that it looks good and it holds ... just make sure you use a good varnish, I used one that is available for high quality paintings ect. I ordered it at a place where they sell all kind of artist-colors and stuff.
  6. Sithiche


    once it is dry and finished... when you turn it on the other side you only see a difference when you touch it, but it looks good from both sides, no need to turn it while you work on it
  7. Sithiche


    just right on top of the other one ... I did everything on just one side
  8. Sithiche


    ummm not sure what you call it... here when you buy window colors you can also buy some foil you first paint the stuff on it, there are 2 different kinds, one foil is like permanent you paint with the window color on it but afterwards you can not remove anything anymore... the other you paint on it then you can remove the window color painting... that is what I used for it, but maybe some simple clear plastic will do it too, just be sure that you can remove the window afterwards
  9. Sithiche

    leaded windows

    how I made my leaded windows for the Glencroft
  10. I used to start to collect barbie dolls about 25 years ago... as a kid I loved to collect old, antique children books... now I have some dolls standing around (BJD's)
  11. Sithiche


    aww thank you *hugs to you all*
  12. Sithiche


    Selkie I tried to find it somewhere but didn't yet I bought this stove about 20 years ago lol, but if I find one somewhere I will let you know
  13. Sithiche


    thank you Selkie, I can do that... I will take pics when I work on the next window...
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