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  1. I laughed because it was so unexpected! I thought it would be a smooth finish, but I wasn't expecting it to be as "plastic" feeling as it was! Excellent tip that I will never forget! :thumb: oh, my neighbor gave me a few winter folk, Woodland Scenics is the manufacturer.. I'm not sure what scale they are, but each is no bigger than 1/2" in height..
  2. That's fantastic! Is that a kit and if not, how did you get the "stone" look on the tub area? I love your clamps too.. at first I thought there was a Picachu sitting there! ^_^
  3. Havanaholly, I thought of you last night! While painting up the doors for the cabinets I built, I sanded the second later. I remember Holly saying to rub with a paper bag after sanding.. plastic finish! I LOL'd!!! Amazing finish! Thank you for the tip, it's awesome! Tonight I'll be throwing on the last coats of paint and hinging the doors.. Friday I had the whole day home alone, I haven't been alone for that long in ages.. I'm so happy the creating block is over.. was so overwhelmed for the past few weeks it was impossible to figure out what to do next.. here's a pic of the half-finished cabinets and sink:
  4. made a little progress that last two days.. starting building the lower cabinets, fit the sink and painted the kitchen. i was able to upload pics in the gallery! still working on the kitchen curtains, i'm going to finish up the valance for the windows this weekend. i'd like to get the stove and cabinets finished this weekend. once i finish the kitchen i'll get working on the living room. going to try to finish the first floor before moving up to the second.. happy creating, All!!
  5. AmyC

    Furnished interior

    i just came across this, what a super house! great work!
  6. i almost giggled out loud at Muriel's houses, fabulous!!! (i probably need to poke through the gallery some more..) i'm going modern Victorian with the Pierce.. mostly because I couldn't recreate old style Victorian with the books in front of me.. I have a hard time with time periods and i like some of the more modern Victorian styles i've seen on the internet.. lovely photos, all of them.. Muriel's flower tiles though made me want to giggle loudly with joy, they're awesome!
  7. i'm full of enthusiasm when i read the forum.. i go home and stare at my house and immediately become overwhelmed. the last thing i did was paint most of the wall white so i can paper them. lately i've been working on curtains for her, i made some red gingham curtains for the kitchen and some pink flowered ones for the adult bedroom.. and i'm happy to know i'm not the only one who goes through the catalog repeatedly and hasn't ordered.. it's been a few weeks since my last one. i was totally thrilled when i got it, but i've become so overwhelmed that i'm in a sort of deadlock on what to do next.. maybe it's time for a short break.. maybe i'm too careful in choosing or afraid of doing something just to do it and being unhappy with the results.. i feel sometimes i lack a certain amount of confidence or decisiveness because i'm trying so hard to avoid having to re-do rooms or make a mistake out of haste to finish..
  8. i don't know if this is going to be a silly idea or if it's entirely possible.. what about a reverse-built Pierce?
  9. in hindsight, i wish i had the internet back when i first started building the Bayberry, and i also wish i'd thought to look for a forum with other mini lovin' folks sooner! it's also nice to get inspiration and motivation from everyone here.. i've said it before, you all are a fantastic, creative, brilliant bunch and i'm happy to be here with you! the one thing i've not learned though i'm aware of it is to paint before assembly also.. someday that will sink in to my stubborn head ^_^
  10. i've used nail polish for life-size projects, will have to remember that for mini stuff.. you all are awesome, great ideas!
  11. AmyC


    I've not tried it yet, but sanding the "hardwood" flooring with fine grit, does that enhance the shine or just strip off the stained layer? thought about using a fine grit sandpaper on the dining room floor then repeating another layer of varnish.. then i thought i'd better leave well enough alone!
  12. It's funny you say that! I was poking through the siding options and that is what I wrote down! :lol: So, that's what I'm going to, I'll just to do it in small batches at a time until it's complete, thanks for the idea, most helpful! And I'm diggin' those lamps! They're absolutely fantastic! Excellent use of nail polish too! :lol: I have tons of it just hanging around, never thought of using it for mini'ing!
  13. LOVE the stained-glass window trim!!
  14. AmyC


    Will do.. smooth as glass?
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