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  1. I wish you good luck.  May you have better success than I did.  After a lot of those magic words and multiple glue attempts, I finally got all of my spindles to stay attached.  As I stood looking at it proudly, Cat Number Two flew past me into the house and took out half of the spindles.  Needless-to-say, my dollhouse still does not have a staircase with rails and spindles.

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  2. Cool idea.  Have you ever seen Stephen King's "Rose Red"?  It was a mini-series from the early 2000s that was inspired by the Winchester Mystery House.  One of the rooms in the movie is completely upside down.  Another one is a library with a floor made of glass.  The hallway is built in perspective so that it looks like it shrinks down to nothing.  Anyway, it would provide some cool building ideas.

  3. I feel your pain.  I have a one-cat wrecking ball.  I've given up kitten-proofing for him because no matter what I do he finds something else to get into or break.  He's strong too so closed doors, cabinets, fireplace screens, etc. are no obstacle for him.  His first time in a dollhouse as a kitten, he tried to climb through a tower window on my Garfield (fortunately only taped for dry-fitting), got stuck and dragged the whole tower with him around the room until I caught him.  It deterred him for awhile but not long enough.  He's done more destruction than my other two cats combined. :P

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