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  1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I think I will contact them after I give the credit card company some time to do their investigation.
  2. Thanks for the information. I used PayPal years ago before using credit cards online became so common, but I had no idea it was safer. I guess I'll have to start using it again.
  3. I'm sorry you had the same problem. I'm going to have to start doing the same thing once again as soon as I get my new card. Perhaps hackers are going after small businesses now instead of just the big ones.
  4. That's a big problem in Virgina too, but no I haven't. I only use this card for online purchases.
  5. Khadi


    I like the newspapers around the window in the back. It's a nice "attic" touch. I'm not sure why this showed up twice.
  6. Khadi


    I like the newspapers around the window in the back. It's a nice "attic" touch.
  7. I was wondering if anyone has ever purchased online from Dollhouse Heaven and then had your credit card fraudulently used. Twice within a week after purchasing from them, this has happened to me. I want to make it clear that I am not accusing them of anything. I have always gotten good service from them. I'm just trying to track down why this has happened to two different credit card numbers (same account) in a short amount of time and how it is happening. Thanks.
  8. Khadi


    I have used this floor and I don't remove the backing. I really like the flooring, but cut it carefully as it chips easily. When I have chipped it, I used a medium furniture pen to cover the chips, and it hides them well. The furniture marker can also hide any seams that might show bare wood. Kathie's idea of not gluing works well with this flooring because it is heavy enough that it lays flat without being glued.
  9. I used a medium crackle with acrylic over top to get a peeling paint look rather than a true crackled look. It worked pretty well once I followed the directions carefully. I haven't seen a small crackle but perhaps there is one.
  10. Hi, I assume you're asking regarding crackle paint. I've used it before. I don't recall if it is thick but follow the directions exactly as they are on the container and it should turn out. The only time it didn't for me is when I didn't follow the process exactly.
  11. Paint the ceilings before you put it together. It's hard to go back and paint them later. (Speaking as the person who always forgets to paint her ceilings.)
  12. I feel your pain. I have a one-cat wrecking ball. I've given up kitten-proofing for him because no matter what I do he finds something else to get into or break. He's strong too so closed doors, cabinets, fireplace screens, etc. are no obstacle for him. His first time in a dollhouse as a kitten, he tried to climb through a tower window on my Garfield (fortunately only taped for dry-fitting), got stuck and dragged the whole tower with him around the room until I caught him. It deterred him for awhile but not long enough. He's done more destruction than my other two cats combined. :P
  13. This is the story of my life. Of course, I usually think more of the Jaws theme music when my cats get in the houses.
  14. I love the ribbon idea! It looks great!
  15. Thank you for this information. I haven't gotten to this point yet, but I'm sure that I would have done the same thing. I love Greenleaf houses, but the directions and schematics often test my reading comprehension skills.
  16. I would recommend decorating and wiring as you go before you glue things permanently. There are a lot of places that can be difficult to get to in the Garfield. I would also recommend leaving the balcony doors removable in the stair area because this area is particularly tricky to access once the house is complete.
  17. I have built two Garfields. The second one is at the decorating stage so I'll be happy to help if you have any questions (if I can).
  18. I love your ceiling and wall paneling.
  19. I've ordered online from them before. They have some unique, hard-to-find items.
  20. I built one about 25 years ago so I'm not sure I can help too much other than to say that you wouldn't have wanted those shingles anyway. They were an 1/8 inch thick and a pain to cut. I gave up after doing one side of the tower. I did find this link to someone's post from a long time ago, and they have pictures of the directions. I hope it's helpful. It is a great dollhouse with large rooms.
  21. Looks like I need to take a trip to the Smithsonian next weekend. Speaking of exhibits. Has anyone been to see the KSB Collection in Kentucky? I saw this on Mysteries at the Museum, and it looks fascinating. http://www.ksbminiaturescollection.com/
  22. He is quite adorable. I'm tempted someday to build my cats their own dollhouse to play in. Then maybe they would leave mine alone. LOL
  23. That is quite a story although I hope my dollhouses never get such a revenge on my cats. Of course, if I hadn't caught the Garfield, I may have had a squashed cat. I do dread trying to remove splinters from cats' paws someday. That would certainly be a Greenleaf revenge.
  24. That moment when you have to leap across the room to catch your in-progress Garfield dollhouse that your seven month-old very precocious, very strong kitten has just managed to knock off the desk.
  25. Khadi

    Ruined Clothing

    I try to wear old clothes but every now and then I get lazy and wear something good. Of course, that's the only time I ever get paint on myself.
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