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  1. I have gotten craft "popsicle" sticks at Walmart that were square-ended and the same cheap price as the regular ones.
  2. I'm with Holly. I treat my dollhouses like puzzles and dry fit until things work because the directions really confuse me.
  3. If you like a stone or brick look, there are some great textured brick and stone papers out there. I've used both and had people touch the sides of my houses because they can't believe it's not real.
  4. I know that cat feeling. My oldest, whom I've had for over ten years, is always getting stepped on or tripped over. I keep telling her that after all of these years, I would think she'd realize that being underfoot is not a good idea. Fortunately, number three usually scoots just in time to avoid to much pain inflicted and number two is terrified of getting stepped on so he stays out of the way.
  5. I usually recycle the the outside frame pieces, but I have a container where I put my unused parts. I often find uses for them on other houses. For example, the siding that comes with the Beacon Hill makes excellent floorboards. Unused window and door trim comes in handy if you break a piece on another house. Shingles can be used on other houses that don't come with shingles, etc.
  6. Khadi

    Hermitage, floors

    The floor looks great!
  7. Cool idea. Have you ever seen Stephen King's "Rose Red"? It was a mini-series from the early 2000s that was inspired by the Winchester Mystery House. One of the rooms in the movie is completely upside down. Another one is a library with a floor made of glass. The hallway is built in perspective so that it looks like it shrinks down to nothing. Anyway, it would provide some cool building ideas.
  8. Khadi


    The Lily is a challenge. I am currently working on one myself, and I must say it is probably the one of the most difficult houses that I have ever built. It also has the challenge of double-hung windows. The actual wall of the dollhouse will become part of the window and it's a little tricky so you may want to assemble at least one before putting the house together to make sure you know what you are doing. I wouldn't install all of them because the window holes become good handholds as you put the center section and outer walls together. If you are painting the walls, I would do that before full assembly because a lot of areas become hard to reach once it is assembled. If you are installing wallpaper, you may want to measure and cut it while you still have easy access but not install it until you have built the structure because it may tear while assembling. I would do a lot of dry fits before you do glue. Make sure you have all of the interior walls that need to be added, etc. before you glue.
  9. I was searching the Internet for Beacon Hill schematics after I missplaced mine. I found this website which has uploaded directions and schematics for the Beacon Hill and other dollhouses. I thought I would share it because I know people frequently ask the forum for help with missing directions and schematics. http://www.mysmallobsession.com/dollhouse-assembly-instructions.html
  10. Most of what other people have said and my Dremel with sanding and woodcutting heads. I love my Dremel!
  11. It should be fine. I used it once and didn't notice much difference between it and polyurethane.
  12. Khadi


    I love all of the details.
  13. I am certainly not an expert on these things. It almost looks homemade. Those rooms look nice and spacious. You can do a lot with them.
  14. That is cool! I didn't even see the chair at first.
  15. Khadi

    Disaster Averted

    I love your floor. I'm glad it worked out in the end.
  16. I just checked out the US-NZ exchange rate and for what they would cost in US dollars, it might be worth paying high shipping prices if they'll ship abroad.
  17. I must confess that I don't. I have about four projects going on right now... and then there's the roofs that I never seem to finish getting the shingles on. I'm fortunate that I have enough space in my work area that I can have them all sitting out to work on when I get the urge. I used to beat myself up over not finishing them, but then I realized that the only one I'm doing this for is me so it's more important that I'm enjoying myself than completing the project.
  18. It would make a great old, abandoned house. It certainly reminds me of a few real ones that I've been in. But, I can certainly understand the desire to rehab.
  19. Khadi

    First Floor

    I like all of the white. The room is really bright and cheerful already.
  20. This isn't a wholesale source, but I've found several dogs at those antique malls where they sell everything under the sun. I can usually get them for a $2-3 each.
  21. Thank you both for the advice. I'm looking forward to trying it out this weekend.
  22. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for getting the Lily side roof pieces to bend. I'm trying the damp paper towel technique in the directions but so far I have achieved very limited flexibility and almost no bend in the pieces. Thanks.
  23. This looks very handy and not very expensive. Thanks for sharing.
  24. I've used a hot knife to cut foam core. I use a metal ruler to help me get a nice straight, clean cut. It will make the foam a little brown though it you hold it in one place too long. Assuming you're covering the foam, the brown is easily covered.
  25. I will be keeping your daughter-in-law and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
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