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  1. I tried to find which dollhouse this was, but couldn't find it anywhere. I think it resembles the Danville more than any other, so I am guessing it is that but with extra features? Tell me what you think. I get to pick it up from Craigslist tomorrow
  2. Hi! I live in Tennessee & am starting my 1st dollhouse build at the ripe age of 24. I got the Allison by Artply kit since it was only $40 and thought it might be an easier first house. If anyone built that, any tips are helpful I am kind of nervous starting it...not sure where to start. The instructions are kind of lame & my work space for building sucks (think floor, upstairs computer desk, & downstairs kitchen table). Can't even find wallpaper paste where I live! Frustrating & nervous that I might mess up...but exciting Just ordered Caco type dolls as my dollhouse dolls.
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