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  1. I am getting a 3 Doodler (3D pen) and was wondering if anyone here has some ideas on ways to use it for miniatures. I have a few ideas but am always wanting more. There are so many creative people here that I am hoping to get some great ideas. Thanks!
  2. I found mine at miniatures.com and don't think they cost any more than the wired lighting. My only problem was with the porch light on the haunted house. It is quite heavy and wouldn't stick (but that could also have been the paint I used on the exterior) so I had to use one of those sticky dots for it to adhere. I will now use the battery lights whenever possible. Oh...one thing I am not too crazy about though is each light has to be turned on individually v/s just plugging the whole house in, but for the ease.....hey, battery is better!
  3. I cannot imagine working on half scale. After making my own little "DOTS" Halloween candy boxes, not in my wildest dreams can I see how anyone can work on anything that tiny! You are a brave soul. (or have very young eyes)
  4. I have never tried the ones with wires....going to research that. And boy did you get my mind working with the candle idea. THANKS!!!!
  5. Thanks Holly for the welcome home. I actually looked in on the forum from time to time but had a really hard time getting back into miniatures. I lost a couple of family members and in losing them, I sort of lost interest in anything. But, it is time to get back into the world and I am back to being excited about new projects. I do love lighting the little homes. Not sure why since I rarely would turn the lights on. Guess just knowing they can is enough. I certainly can't afford them all at once, but I have been collecting the lights for a few years now, so my next home should be a blowout. Nice to see you still here on a regular basis. You had the first house I used some of the ideas on and I still remember that even after these years! You are the one that taught me that bashing a house didn't mean bad mouthing it. Gosh....that was so long ago!
  6. I am not sure if we are all talking about the same kind of lights. When I refer to battery lights, I mean that they don't require any wiring in the house at all and lights light up with an on/off switch. One of the lights (the pole light) is a little dim for my tastes but the others are fine. My only problem so far is the outside porch light is pretty heavy and kept falling off the wall so I had to use one of those sticky dots. But then, it is a haunted house so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But, I am a believer and if I hadn't already bought the lights I am going to use in my Santa workshop, I would use battery ones. Soooo much easier and you don't have to do all the planning prior to building.
  7. Just wanted to post my 2 cents about battery lighting. I have been a member of this forum seems like forever, but because of family issues have not been active in several years. I finally got back into miniatures and finished the haunted house I won here years ago and my delight in doing so is the discovery of battery lighting. I LOVE IT! I started my miniatures with the Willowcrest and after more years than I can count it still remains unfinished. I wanted to electrify it and being a novice, I ran into quite a few problems. I think now I will finish it with electricity as designed, but sure wish battery lights were available way back then. In the meantime, please check out the haunted house I just finished with battery lighting. Sure took out the frustration of it all.
  8. cjack

    Haunted house

    I won this house years ago when Greenleaf had a contest. Finally got around to doing it. I made the outside "normal" with unsuspecting little trick or treaters at the door. Inside is a whole different story. Full of ghouls. I still need to get a witch (or make one) to finish it off.
  9. I have not been on this forum for quite awhile because I have been dealing with some very serious and sad issues in my family. My mom has been seriously ill, my sister is dealing with the aftermaths of cancer treatments and the worst possible thing happened....my little brother died quite suddenly and unexpectedly last month. I am writing on this not to ask for sympathy but to give some advice to all of you and anyone else I can get to listen. My brother was never married and had been unemployed for quite awhile. He moved in with my mother (a widow) because of financial difficulties and to help take care of her. He was a wonderful person, thoughtful, caring, smart, fun. I miss him so much and the grief is overwhelming. But while trying to deal with the grief, trying to deal with all the affairs one has to take care of during a most difficult time is something I wouldn't wish on anyone. So please, please think long and hard about what would happen and what your family would have to deal with if they woke up without you. Make a list of people you would want notified of your death. Make sure someone knows who all those people are on your cell phone. Leave a list of all your passwords for your computer in case you have money sitting in paypal, have friends on facebook etc. Does someone know what bills you have and how they are being paid (passwords to bank accounts credit card companies). What is the combination to the lock you have on the gate or storage unit, if your car is paid for where is the title to it. I could go on and on, but I think you get my drift. I am now taking steps for my family incase I don't wake up tomorrow so they won't have to go through all the problems we are now facing. Even the smallest detail can become a huge problem for your family if you aren't there to answer the question. So, when you have a moment, give some serious thought to this, make your lists, seal in an envelope and leave for your family in case the worst should happen. And tell all your friends to do the same for their families. It is NEVER too soon!
  10. why not install them on an angle? I love wood floors and tile floors done that way.
  11. Thanks so much for the links. I have been looking for something like this.
  12. My thoughts are with you. Sometimes it is harder to lose a pet than a relative as people allow you to grieve for a relative, but some people do not understand the grief one feels for losing a pet. I think the members here all understand your overwhelming loss and a part of us grieves with you and for you. I hope the sun shines for you again real soon.
  13. cjack


    Bea, my mom had shingles so I know how terribly painful they can be. I think you should go to the emergency room of your local hospital. In the U.S. you cannot be turned away from emergency treatment in most major hospitals regardless of your ability to pay. I would strongly urge you to go since I know there is help out there for this very painful condition. Good luck to you.
  14. Shannon, try a web search for candle making supplies. My mom has a candle that smells just like red wine so it must be available somewhere. As for what I wish my little house could do..........I would love to incorporate a working tv. I know with todays technology being so tiny, I am sure I could probably get one to work. Just don't have the time or money to work on the logistics of it.
  15. Linda, your house is magnificent! I love the brickwork. Such attention to detail. You do beautiful work and should be very, very proud! And don't worry about the 2 yr. thing. I have been working on my Willowcrest for several yrs. now and am just now getting ready to go back to it. (it has been in storage for the past yr.) Almost done and I just hope it comes out as wonderful as your house did!
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