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  1. This is my first house and I am now addicted. I purchased it partially finished and have been having a wonderful time finishing it. I have just built a deck and arched doorway with French doors. I built a drawer into the deck to house all those little bits and pieces you need, like tweezers etc. I have dressed the attic as an artists studio. I set up a table with a still life and have done a little painting of it to look like it has been painted by an artists. Really want to build a gazebo on the roof but it might be too much.
  2. shabbychic


    You are very clever...wish you could do mine lol
  3. shabbychic

    Story Book Dollhouse

    I have made a Story Book Dollhouse from a badly damaged dollhouse I rescued from ebay. My granddaughter helped with ideas to make it a story book and movie theme house. Like balloons on the roof like the UP Movie, Wicked Witch of the East legs sticking out from under the house. Front of the house nice like in Hansel and Gretel while the back is a witch's house.
  4. I love the white dollhouse with shabby chic furniture...I think it looks more realistic than the imitation wood on most dollhouse furniture but I am biass as I love my Shabby Chic Beacon Hill Dollhouse. I have attached 2 pics of a house with a black roof painted all white inside and outside and it looks good. The last pic is my cream and white shabby chic house although it now has a clock tower and artist's studio in the attic. Good luck with the house, love to see the finished item. Cheers Deborah
  5. Your welcome lol. I love looking at all the wonderful dollhouses out there...Lots of ideas. I am hooked now lol
  6. It is a new line of fabric called Rambling Rose by Sandy Gervais.
  7. shabbychic

    house At night 9

    Thank you. I love my house...wish I could live in it. I have added not just pictures of my family but also pieces of costume jewellery belonging to my Mum, Grandma and even Great Grandma. So it can be handed down with something special in each room.
  8. that is so cool. Love the way you think and love your work...all the pics are great. So many wonderful ideas in my head and so little time lol Cheers Deborah
  9. None of the pics seem to be showing for the Story Book Album....Don't know what is wrong???
  10. shabbychic

    house At night 10

    This was an office but I have changed into a little girls room.
  11. shabbychic

    IMG 7979

    Very pretty. I love the Beacon Hill House.
  12. I am going to make a Jake and the bean stalk for the side of the house next. Cheers Deborah
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