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  1. Behbet

    New Orleans-inspired dollhouse

    Artply Allison kit, with different doors, windows and trim.. Inspired by all the houses I've lived in since I moved to New Orleans in 2006. This house will have a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, music room, and an attic once it's finished.
  2. Behbet

    Ladder to the attic

    Thanks. I think I'm going to put a few knicknacks on it like a shelf.. It was really easy to make, I used Legos as spacers.
  3. Behbet

    Elora's shelf

    This room is very pretty.
  4. Behbet


    This is a very pretty house! I love the spiral staircase
  5. I'm not sure she knows the difference.
  6. It's a sliding scale. She does a lot of pro bono work.
  7. We're all very proud of her. I do think she should choose one or two areas of practice and concentrate on those instead of trying to do it all, but what do I know?
  8. I love that wallpaper. And the wood trim is a very pretty color
  9. Behbet


    She loves having her picture taken also. Every time I hold up the camera to take a picture she jumps into the picture.
  10. Behbet


    It's little Goldie. She thinks she's a person.
  11. Thanks. I need to get some fray-check. I sewed the dress I made yesterday using regular thread and it worked ok. I guess depending on what you're making it might be better to use invisible thread. There were no tiny details or anything just 3 seams going down the dress. I just ordered the book by Sue Atkinson on Amazon.
  12. I've decided I want to make clothes for my dollhouse dolls.. I made a dress yesterday but I didn't have a pattern or anything, I basically just looked at a dress that I wear and tried to make a mini version of it. It worked fairly well. But, I was wondering if any of you have any advice to offer on making dollhouse sized clothing. Or links for printable patterns, or tutorials, or book recommendations, etc. Most of the stuff I'm finding on the internet is for bigger dolls.
  13. I say do it! I had a hard time with it at first just because there are all these tutorials with all these complicated theories on where you should place your tape, which gave me a headache.. I had to just stop looking at the tutorials, figure out where I would be putting the actual lights, and run the tape to those places. It wasn't hard at all. The tutorials that show you some systematic way to place the wire, I think the idea is that they want to be able to change the lights later without destroying the entire house, and they'll know that the tape is 2 inches above the floor or whatever. But really if you just take some pictures when you have your tape on before you put the wallpaper, you'll know where it is. Or you could even take pieces of paper cut to the size of your walls/floor, label what wall or floor it is, and draw a line where you put your tape. Or.. you could just have tape running randomly through your house and have no idea where it is.
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