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  1. miss liz

    More miniatures

    I have a phone like that
  2. I also love making all of my dollhouse stuff with clay.
  3. miss liz

    My Laural

    made this toilet
  4. miss liz


    Thank you, coming from you, you do great work on your house. I was inspired by you.
  5. miss liz

    My Laural

    Baby room almost done
  6. miss liz

    My Laural

    Made all of the furnisher and made the rocking horse
  7. miss liz

    My Laural

    done with boy's room
  8. miss liz

    My Laural

  9. miss liz

    My Laural

    Making boy's bedroom furnisher
  10. miss liz


    Thank you!
  11. miss liz

    My Laural

    Crib I made
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