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  1. I would contact the manufacturer first. Dig around on the web site and see if you can come up with a phone number. If that doesn't work try putting what you are looking for in a search engine and see what kind of leads you come up with there. I built 2 orchids, the wooden one and the white one. When I built the wooden one I was fortunate enough to have an actual doll house store 5 miles from where we lived (since gone out of business) where I purchased "stained glass" inserts. There's always other options, if you can't get the original inserts.
  2. I found a mini photo album that I pried the pages apart on. Then I cut and pasted all the tin-types and old photos from Jim's minis pages and emailed them to Staples ( they have the most AMAZING copy machines there) and had them printed out on the laser printer. The laser printer somehow puts a sheen on what ever it prints out so that my pictures ened up looing like real pics. Cut out and laid out, not sure if I want to make a vignette (sic) of possilby the "family" looking at pics in the album with the extras laying around or actually just glueing the photos in the album ( before I lose t
  3. framebb


    What a FANTASTIC find! Aside from a kit, Ive never come across anything like that, kudos to you, or in todays jargon 'props'! :thumb:
  4. A MILLION thanks for the deatiled instructions! I'm was getting "itchy fingers" and wanted to do a build again. Picked up the Orchid at Hobby Lobby about a week ago and almost went in to a panic when I looked over the instructions! No lie, I actually needed a magnifying glass to read the schematic diagram. Digging around on the' inter-web' here I found your downloadable instructions. I've only printed the pages I need as Im going along but what great job you did on providing this! If I ever figure out how to resize the pictures I will attempt to post my finished Orchid here.
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