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  1. I would contact the manufacturer first. Dig around on the web site and see if you can come up with a phone number. If that doesn't work try putting what you are looking for in a search engine and see what kind of leads you come up with there. I built 2 orchids, the wooden one and the white one. When I built the wooden one I was fortunate enough to have an actual doll house store 5 miles from where we lived (since gone out of business) where I purchased "stained glass" inserts. There's always other options, if you can't get the original inserts.
  2. Also sorry to hear of your loss Just a minor suggestion on my part but DONT toss anything no matter how 'cheap' you may think it is. Remember your Grandmother made you caretaker of some items that were very dear to her. Please take your time before re-homing anything you might regret later on. Are there other family memebers who might appreciate one of the houses?
  3. My Mom built the Lily about 3 years ago and gave it to me that Easter. I have since re-papered just about all of it with the exception of the front hall or foyer. dont think I could get in there if I tried. I do remember Mom saying that if she hadn't put the curtains in the windows on the 3rd floor prior to gluing them in place she would have never been able to do it later. I wenr a step further and took a piece of wood and made a very amatuerish wall between the dining room and living room, instead of the "open floor plan". If I ever change the paper in the dining room or living r
  4. I found a mini photo album that I pried the pages apart on. Then I cut and pasted all the tin-types and old photos from Jim's minis pages and emailed them to Staples ( they have the most AMAZING copy machines there) and had them printed out on the laser printer. The laser printer somehow puts a sheen on what ever it prints out so that my pictures ened up looing like real pics. Cut out and laid out, not sure if I want to make a vignette (sic) of possilby the "family" looking at pics in the album with the extras laying around or actually just glueing the photos in the album ( before I lose t
  5. Sounds like we are 2 of a kind! Welcome from another newbie and past lurker! I've loved reading about everyones goings on here too. Havent done any major renovations myself just a modification or 2, but am actively pulling splinters out of my fingers from my latest build! Keep us posted on your progress!
  6. Thank you all for the warm welcome. I actually went back to work to fund my new obsession! So far The Whitney is my complete build, I did try and do a make over on a 1/2 scale kit my Mom bought from a catalog( who's name escapes me at the moment) but I can't do 1/2 scale, my preferemce is the 1:12 scale...easier for my clumsy hands. Mom was looking for something to do last year so she built The Lily, not haveing room for more then one since she also has The San Franciscan, she gifted me Lily last Easter. I did a make over and built a wall between the living room and dining roo
  7. I hope I'm doing this right to post here under new topic, anyway here goes. JoAnne here from Hunterdon County, NJ. Im currently starting to build The Orchid. I guess you could say Im getting antsy to do something now that its all snow covered out there. I have a Hobby Lobby with in a 30 min. drive from where I live and I LOVE to work those 40% off coupons. I wanted to build one of the larger houses HL had but couldnt for the life of me figure out where I was going to put it (I have 2 houses currently) or how I would even move a new one. I picked up a few of the boxes and they
  8. framebb


    What a FANTASTIC find! Aside from a kit, Ive never come across anything like that, kudos to you, or in todays jargon 'props'! :thumb:
  9. A MILLION thanks for the deatiled instructions! I'm was getting "itchy fingers" and wanted to do a build again. Picked up the Orchid at Hobby Lobby about a week ago and almost went in to a panic when I looked over the instructions! No lie, I actually needed a magnifying glass to read the schematic diagram. Digging around on the' inter-web' here I found your downloadable instructions. I've only printed the pages I need as Im going along but what great job you did on providing this! If I ever figure out how to resize the pictures I will attempt to post my finished Orchid here.
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