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  1. angie q

    key holder

    great little details
  2. angie q

    Gallery Glass

    Stained Glass
  3. angie q

    Garfield Nursery

    Thanks so much...I think it adds to the realism...and the camera does not pick up on my imperfections ;)
  4. angie q

    Garfield Nursery

    Thanks I am happy with the slow progress
  5. Pictures as I go along of my garfield build.....when I don't have my fingers glued together or am not pulling out my hair :)
  6. angie q

    Garfield Nursery

    Thank you so much I am really happy the way it is coming together
  7. I want one in my house it is beautiful!
  8. Thanks so much great ideas! Def going to look for that tool!
  9. angie q

    nursery progress

    thanks it has been a while but it was either ac moore or michaels
  10. angie q

    Garfield Bathroom

    Thanks Im happy with the paper and even happier because it was a scrapbook clearance buy and I only paid 25 cents a sheet....love it lol
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