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  1. Also, I ended up having my father-in-law create a single piece for the front, Not sure I ever posted those pictures,
  2. Hopefully this works for you. If not, I would be happy to email directly - just send me am email address!!
  3. PepperJoAz


    This was built from a kit I was gifted by a co-worker (her brother-in-law had them before he passed, so she gave them to me). It's from the Houseworks Signature Series Federal Collection.
  4. This is my first "model real estate development", as I saw another forum member call it. Hoping to track all of my progress with this album.
  5. It's an Orchid and a Primrose!! I (we - my father-in-law helped!!) added the dormer to the Primrose roof (as well as making the pitch match the Orchid). I'm glad someone else likes it, too !!!
  6. PepperJoAz


    So interesting to see other people building the same house! My first dry fit of my Orchid, before deciding to bash the heck out of it, was a complete flip of yours - bay window and stairs on the opposite side of your placement!! I think that shows how flexible these kits can be - awesome!!!
  7. PepperJoAz


    Thanks, Selkie !! It's nice of you to say =) I think it's pretty okay. I will wait and see how it all looks once I have all the trim on the outside.
  8. No worries - I don't even notice typos half the time!!! I had considered briefly what you suggested, and really thats my favorite idea so far. I just wasn't sure what to call it or how to explain it - thanks for coming up with the words for me!!!! I'll give it a try and update when it looks decent....lol
  9. PepperJoAz

    Miniature show & sale

    Items from my first dollhouse show in Phoenix, AZ
  10. Noticed a typo...oops.... the bay window will MOVE, not 'ove'.... lol
  11. Thanks!!! I like the stairs with the short landing, but it almost seems too modern for me for this house. I took these pictures last night, and this morning the first thing I did was move the Primrose addition to the other (right instead of left) side of the house and thought "Oh yeah, that's how it's supposed to go!" so now I have a whole NEW set of decisions.... but I think that means moving the stairs to a wall instead of the middle and maybe having support columns instead of a whole wall... so many possibilities!!
  12. PepperJoAz

    REHAB - The Arthur

    My friend had poor ol' Artie here - it's been falling apart piece by piece. After it's repaired, it will be a display piece. I hope I do it justice!!
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