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  1. The Poster Child for Christmas Shopping! Congrats, Barbara! I hope you accomplishing your goal has resulted in a little less stress and more time to enjoy your loved ones this time of year. But my excuse is I have a gene you don't have that caused me not get my shopping done. I have the procrastination gene! That's my xcuse and I are stickin' with it!
  2. Freddie, do you check the Ebay and craigslist thread in General Mini Talk? Folks post there finds of all different companys' houses. Duracraft has been mentioned. If you don't mind paying for shipping you might find a good deal there. Good luck and happy hunting!
  3. I find this topic disgusting. The discussion of the inhumane killing of animals like that that's going on here regarding glue traps makes me nauseous. Then to read the detailed telling of the dispatching of a poor animal that had been left to suffer for three weeks in such a trap breaks my heart and angers me at the insensitivity of just not thinking. The only reason I don't complain to Administration is I try to keep an open mind vs closed. My trash may be someone elses treasure. If I don't like the topic, I don't need to come here. Death and trapping is an inappropriate subject li
  4. Debra, and to you and yours! Thanks for the warm wishes.
  5. Kelly, I can't decide if you're having a Charlie Brown Christmas or a Home Alone Christmas. You're killing me here! :rofl:You put your troubles in a very humorous way. I don't do Christmas shopping. No one to buy for, no money to buy if I did Christmas shop. Christmas is just another day on the calendar for me. No turkey, no dressing, no cranberry/orange cranberry sauce, no smashed 'taters, no gravy, no pie and DEFINITELY NO green bean casserole as I cannot STAND the stuff. No laughs, no peeps, no merry Christmas wishing. It's all a matter of which side o'the fence you're on - I w
  6. Trish, you're funny! Thanks much for the link. I'll go check it out.
  7. mk56


    Stays light here until about 9:45 PM on the longer days of summer! I, me, never thought you sounded like you were knocking the solstice. Thass my take!
  8. mk56

    Classic Bungalow

    Classic Bungalow. First house..
  9. I did, Selkie!!! Had to fiddle-fart with it in Photobucket, but I did it! The yellow looks too brite in this pic, but it's not that brite. It's duskier. The red's fine. I mean, the colors - I think - do look well together but it's not what's in my head. ("Yeah, we KNOW what's in your head, mk. ROCKS!") I could go with the green, but I don't wanna. (pout) First pic and show of progression on house! I've got a feeling that dark green is gonna be a witch to paint over. (sigh) Actually, what's red is one of the arches, not a brace. That, too, is gonna be a fun time to
  10. I just LOVE it. To me, just my opinion, it's the best thing you've done or ever will do. Family stuff like that just gets me in the heart.
  11. mk56

    50th Christmas 04

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the MEANING in that decoration! And made by you. I hope that stays in your family for generations and generations. It's stunning.
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