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  1. shelleA

    1. Sofa wall

    No - it's perfect. . . My grandmother had the exact same thing. HUGE oil painting in a gold frame over the sofa. Another thing she had was lots of "figurines" on the tables. Like (fake) meissen porcelain 17th century ladies and gentlemen at 'court'. Oh, and (again fake), grapes everywhere. Hilarious!
  2. shelleA

    Brick red

    What, not going to use the "Realistic Brick" Dust??? ;-)
  3. shelleA

    1920s kitchen

    It's tricky trying to figure out the furniture/appliance layout, isn't it?! You'll also be happy you didn't use the kit staircase - It's 'fiddley' to build - plus, I used Houseworks spindles which looked better, but cutting them all even and on the same angle was another thing that made me crazy! ;-)
  4. MUCH nicer than the kit components!
  5. shelleA

    Painted gable

    I put a skim coat of spackle on a lot of the trim pieces to help hide the poor quality of the wood (and to 'beef' them up a bit too). Then lightly sanded w/ wet/dry paper - (I remember these windows drove me crazy - especially the casement windows and trying to make them 'pivot' on the little wooden 'nub' that is supposed to be the 'hinge'! Horrible! I have a feeling you will swap them out with other components - which is what I should have done!)
  6. shelleA

    Haunted Heritage

    Love the basement windows - great idea! The broken stone steps are perfect for what you're going for too.
  7. I swapped mine out too - there's no comparison
  8. shelleA

    Livingroom floor

    Love the half walls and posts - very 'Arts & Crafts'!
  9. shelleA

    Framed Tudor 2

    Your work is amazing! Do you do this professionally? If you don't, you should -
  10. shelleA

    stairs done

    Wow Bea. . . Looks amazing! and I love your furniture too!
  11. shelleA

    Bungalow Exterior

    Great job! Love the stone work and the stain glass too!
  12. shelleA


    What a nice thing to say! Thanks Jackie!
  13. shelleA


    Thanks Stacy - looking forward to seeing how you decorate your Farmhouse. . . So far, the exterior's looking fantastic!
  14. shelleA


    Thank you for the compliment Stacy!
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