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  1. Kelly, I got needle felting supplies to learn needle felting… that is also on my to-learn list. Needle felting Woodworking with my new scroll saw
  2. Thank you. I'm still trying to figure out getting around the curves smoothly, but I think that will probably just take a lot of practice.
  3. My sweet husband gave me a Proxxon scroll saw for Chrismas. With the help of Brae, Jody, and a lot of patience, we finally got the blade in so I could start my first project. With a little practice going around curves, I made this little cradle. It's not quite finished; there are a couple of things I want to do to it after the stain dries. I still need a lot of practice to get finesse. :xmas_tree:
  4. Thank you, Brae. You are making more sense than the diagrams. The blade seems too tall to slip into the groove at the base of the spring loaded part. I'll keep messing with it.
  5. My sweet husband bought me one for Christmas, but putting the saw blade in is proving to be a bit of a mystery. Is there a trick to it? I have located the mystery sliding door and gotten the bottom end of the saw blade in the lower portion, but it does't seem to completely fit into the top part? It looks too tall. What am I missing? Thanks! Chris Happy me with my saw.
  6. Looking forward to going today. Hopefully. My niece had jet lag and is still on Alaska time. 5:00 am here, and neither of us has gotten any sleep.
  7. I can't wait to see it! I'm fretting about lighting, too.
  8. Kat, you might also enjoy going to your local library and looking for books about 'Painted Ladies'. There are a lot of inspirational paint jobs on many of those Victorian homes.
  9. Kat, the Orchid is such a wonderful house! There are so many possibilities. Hannah chose her color combination to match a pillow she had just quilted because she loved the color combination so much. My sister was apprehensive about how it would work out, but it's just great! For my houses, I go to the paint store and get a number of color swatches I like. I cut out rectangles to represent the window frames and put them over the house color so I get a feel for how they will look together. Same thing with the contrasting colors. I make thin strips and attach them where the trim would be. That way, I have all of my colors together represented in the way I would see them. I use Behr interior paint. I buy a quart of the main color in satin, and buy the trim colors in the sample sizes which only come in eggshell. I can't wait to see your Orchid as it comes together!
  10. Thank you, Holly. She IS both beautiful and amazing. One thing great about being her aunt; I can unabashedly sing her praises. I just love her!
  11. LOL Judith, she'd love to! She really IS a superkid. She is amazingly talented in so many areas. I'm looking forward to her visit in a few days. We're planning to work on my dollhouse together.
  12. All of the wallpaper in Hannah's Orchid are papers that she chose at JoAnne Fabrics in the scrapbooking section. She chose some really sweet papers.
  13. Thank you! The coupons are printed and in the car. It will be fun to bring my niece the Alaska Jr. Grand Champion ribbon dollhouse builder. :thumbup:
  14. My 13 year old niece won the Jr. Grand Champion ribbon at the Alaska State Fair for the Orchid she built. She also won awards for her sewing and creative writing entries. Way to go, Hannah! Here is her blog entry: http://powellgirlz3.blogspot.com/2013/08/friday-i-got-surprise-phone-call-from.html
  15. Dollhouses are cat magnets. My cat loves hanging out in dollhouses.
  16. Have fun, Sylvia! LOL! I prefer the Canadian side of the Falls.
  17. Welcome back, Roxie. I am glad your hand is healing up. It is so frustrating not to have full use of our hands. I agree, getting back to projects will likely be good for your hand, but take on projects slowly as you heal.
  18. I agree with Gloria. You were obviously meant to get the second one; it's much nicer.
  19. Thanks. That crash landing at La Guardia looks just like the one I was in at JFK. We were coming in on one engine after three went out mid flight. Since they knew we could have a hard landing, the runway was already lined with fire engines and ambulances. Fortunately, like the one at La Guardia, there were no serious injuries, although I would guess that many, if not all, of the other passengers have developed a fear of flying and especially landing.
  20. That's a really cute one!
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