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  1. So I am building the Pierce. Question with regards to the floors. My thought is, sanding the floors down and using a stain vs. adding actual hardwoods. What are you thoughts on this? I would us polyurethane to make the floors shiny. The stain would match the dreaded staircase.
  2. Question - Should I wallpaper and floor as I build or do it at the end?
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I feel a little better. I was hoping to upcycle the house for my cat as he seems to enjoy it. But then again, the issue of space comes up. I am a first time builder - many have said that a Bedford is not the way to go. Any recommendations on a good kit. I still have the furniture from the old house.
  4. So its been a while since I've last been on. But my dollhouse is not doing well. Its killing me to admit that this is a lost cause --- but I don't have the heart to bury it. My thought wa to get another kit, rebuild and add some remembers to the house. Thoughts? Very guilt ridden right now.
  5. So the gaps that I have in the house ---- I cannot take these pieces off because they are so glued. Wood putty --- too bulky to get into the small cracks. Have any of you ever used Zap a Gap?
  6. Hello! My name is Christina and I aquired a Beacon Hill dollhouse from a friend who was moving. I remember when she was building it and before she sold it, I asked her if I could have it. The dollhouse has seen better days - it was played with by some little girls who did not understand the concept of playing nicely. Right now, I'm trying to save it. As of now, I am working on the outside and using a Dremel on it. Some of the pieces are so glued that I am going to have to sand them down, cut them off, or merely fill in the cracks with putty of some sort. My side kick is my Persian cat, Sebastian who has managed to fold himself up and move into the lower level of the house. Any advice that you might have would be fantatic! Christina
  7. Hello - I am new to this blog. I'm in the process of renovating a Beacon Hill dollhouse. So far, I have taken a Dremel to the exterior and I am trying to sand it all down. However, the dollhouse is in rough shape and some of the orginal pieces are destroyed. Does anyone know if I can purchase replacement pieces for the Beacon Hill - like the scollops for the roof? I doubt that I will be able to get the doll house to perfection because it is so glued that some of the pieces won't budge --- so I hope that a good sanding will fix the problems. Any help would be great. Christina
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