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  1. weezah


    You even have wallpapered ceiling! Very nice. I am kinda glad I don't have to be the one to do curtains. But this looks so good.
  2. weezah


    Look at you with the fancy flooring! That is a heck of a lot nicer than mine. Great job!
  3. weezah

    Living room 'nook'

    This is one of the nicest houses I have ever seen. Amazing work!
  4. I did the exact same thing to stabilize the posts. Your work is BEAUTIFUL. Everything is so clean and crisp and the turned posts look so nice.
  5. weezah


    No Selkie... just the one that is with the kit. I thought about hinging some of the roof sections - especially the one in the front in that corner over the main stair landing. But I really want to get this done so I can get on to the next project.
  6. weezah


    Thanks folks. Creamcheese.. it is my partner's mother. She bought the kit and started it and then decided it was too much. I agreed to build it for her thinking that I could throw it together in a couple months. Boy was I wrong! I really hate to give it up now.... haha
  7. weezah

    front gable

    The shingle stain is EASY! Just take some black india ink, mix with isopropyl alcohol and brush on. You can adjust the color by adding more/less ink. It dries in a couple minutes and that is the look you get with no more work. Note: the more you sand the wood the less effective the weathered look is. The shingles were not sanded on the face so they took the stain quite well.
  8. weezah

    Starting the floor

    Next time you want to create weathered wood, try a mix of india ink and alcohol. It brushes on and dries in about 10 minutes and the look is spot on. Check out the shingles that I put on the Garfield in my gallery and you can see the look. I LOVE the style and the decor of this item! You did a fantastic job!
  9. weezah

    Bed detail

    The bedding is so nice! I love that you were able to use something with a family connection and history.
  10. weezah

    Bed detail

    Is this from a kit? Where did you get it? Looks great!
  11. weezah

    Garfield main roof

    You are shingling under the eaves? With the vergeboard on there I can hardly see up under. I filled the grain of the wood and gave it a skim coat of paint but otherwise it will stay as is.
  12. weezah

    Garfield main roof

    Its just on the box cause I have no where else to put the box and the table below and is a little smaller. It lifts pretty easily. However, I discovered that the door to the room is going to have to come off the hinges to get it out!
  13. Do you have any 1:!2 scale furniture? I would love to see a photo with a couple pieces inside the house so I can get a sense of how well the rooms are scaled.
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